Good Fortune!

It is mystery quilt time!  I would like to thank Bonnie Hunter for going above and beyond and helping us out with another great mystery project.  Thank you Bonnie!  This is something great that I look forward to every year!

Because I have changed my colors I am going slow this year.  The Good Fortune mystery is priority but at the same time is on the back burner.  You are probably wondering how can this make sense?

My long arm is scheduled for delivery and set up on MONDAY!!!!!  I am getting a 20 inch Nolting in lavender.  I have already though of the name of my new machine.  So Monday I have the day off.  I have about 10 quilts to quilt.  (Mom mentioned she has another 10)  It is obvious I will not complete 10 quilts in a day because there is a huge learning curve.  Also, I will be doing all stuff free motion, no computerization (yet).

So Monday I will have a great story and will post for the link up party that Bonnie is hosting.  This is Good Fortune times 2.  I have worked hard with my hobby.  Quilting with a 6 inch throat space on queen size quilts is quite the trapezes muscle work out.  My neck looks like I lift weights and am very fit, but the rest of me is more couch potato, non-athletic physique.

About the name of my quilting machine…..I went to a baby names website.  I was looking for an old fashioned name and found the perfect one.  She will be hailed Ursa.  Yes, named after the little dipper.  Ursa in the constellation scheme of the things translates to bear.  Here at the house we all refer to one another as bears.  I am Momma Bear, and then there is Papa Bear.  My youngest’s name is Tully, so we call her Tully Bear….and so on.  A perfect name for this Teddy bearish family.

My color scheme for the good fortune mystery is different.  My blue is blue, but a lighter shade, orange is cheddar, red is neutrals, neutrals is black, and I think I have some yellow in there somewhere.

With the small pieces for this mystery, I am finding that prints with largeness may not work for the smaller scale.  So I have done a few, and will do a few more, but will not be doing the total count.  The goodness is, the black and neutrals that I sub’d go well together, and in her video about color theory stated contrast is key for this years mystery.

I have quite a variety going on here, using up the small pieces first.  Good to get rid of some of those.  Why some of these fabrics are in about 5 quilts, so let them be gone!  I see UFO fabric.  That is on the back of my Green Lemonade quilt as well as it is incorporated into Garlic Knots Marinara.  Now it is forever in what will become good fortune….huh….that sounds like a fortune cookie to me!

Are you interested in joining in the fun?  It is free and you can find the introductions to colors and clues here.  Free in the quilting realm is priceless!

Have a great weekend!  And thank you for reading my blog.

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