Good Fortune and the Time Machine


Mystery quilt started……check.  Quilts ironed and backings sewn……check.  Garage cleaned and vacuumed……check.   Playing hookie today……check.  Turn on the heat….aw heck.  What does all of this have in common?

The time machine…..Ursa to be exact.  No Ursa is not human but machine.  She is lavender and has  a 20 inch throat.  She has only one eye.  Ursa is modest and utilitarian.

Ursa is being delivered today.  My new quilting machine.  This year is good fortune times two!  I have worked hard for the preparation of both.  In  the last week the time continuim slowed for me.  It seemed like that mystery quilt’s first clue was mever going to get here.  And today even last night, I slept very little.  The anticipation messing with how fast time normally flies by.  Today things will change forever.

Ursa the time machine will await my arrival.  The time leading up to using her will slowly pass by.  Once I touch her, the time will fly by.  Trying to cram a nights worth of  normal activities with machine quilting…..I am already geared for the time to fast forward through the evenings and drag during the days.  A time machine forever altering my days and nights with its magic.

The good fortune continues and I just marvel at the name of this years mystery.  It is perfectly named.  All of us participants can attest to that.  We have heat, running water, a roof over our heads, a reliable sewing machine, a gob of fabric, some thread, and the time to stitch.  Yes we all have good fortune.  Sure there maybe unsightly things going on.  Don’t focus on the bad, don’t be pessimistic.  Look at all the good around you.  Thinking of your own good fortune and how lucky you are to be able to read the words before your eyes.  A wonderful name for this years mystery.

Good fortune is stitching.  Stitching is time.  Good fortune is a time machine.  A capsule in time with memories created, to never escape, to now have good fortune in the past, the present, and the future.

Linking up with Bonnie Hunter and Good Fortune.

The reds are my neutrals. The neutrals are my blacks.  This year I am going to the dark side of neutral.  I hope the contrasts of fabrics has good fortune for my efforts.  Time will tell.  🙂


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