Seeing Reds!

Seeing reds, yellows, even blues and blacks.  I have been busy!  Quilting and making time does relieve the stress of the season.

red wooden surface
Photo by Magda Ehlers on


close up photo of yellow surface
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blue and red brick filled
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Lovely textures in these photos, it is very inspiring.  Quilting game on!

My longarm machine has not been used in two weeks!  Everyone Panic!  The good news is, that I tried to quilt Wed, found out by Friday afternoon that I have a bad M class bobbin.  It would seem the inner hole is too big and will not catch on the bobbin winder. I thought the bobbin winder was broke.  The sales rep asked me to check all my bobbins as I probably have a bad one and will graciously replace.  I have one that is bad and one that will not fill all the way before it looses grip.  Weird.  I will probably need to invest in more M bobbins.  We all know you can never have enough bobbins, and if you do, they are already filled with the wrong color! Ha!

So last night in about and hour and 20 minutes I had completed the meandering/stippling on the homemade jelly roll made from scraps from my jewel box stars quilt.  I am really loving the colors together, and cannot wait to get the king sized quilt on the longarm.

seeing red.JPG

Earlier this week I took my last two jelly rolls out of the cupboard (my it sounds like I am talking about food lol).  I managed to get two more tops ready for practice, but I need to stop doing that because I have a huge pile that I need to quilt as it is.  But the need to sew over-ruled that rule!

I may gift these away not sure and am in no hurry to get to these.  The price I paid for these was hardly anything.  I knew before I started the tetris quilt that it had a lot of few fabrics so the randomness of it is not there in the beginning.  I do like that I decided to get a coordinating color and block the jelly strips and then sew them together.  That small green block randomly in the quilt is right in the scheme of tetris.  And then there was the pretty yellows jelly roll.  This will be gorgeous when quilted.  Solid jelly roll strips create the most amazing quilts.  And with solids you can quilt the dickens out of them for an even more beautiful effect.

At work we had our White Elephant gift exchange.  It was a fun wonderful lunch hour of extremely intelligent people giving goofy gifts, much laughter ensued.  I ended up with this.


The next day at lunch us ladies were laughing at the combinations of very uncommon phrases that you could use.  Someone at the break table overheard us and looked up shakespeare words.  Did you know he invented over 1700 words?  Many of these words we use today.  Funny that they are insulting words.  Many of these words are now in the dictionary and he just made them up.  Here is a link of words if you are feeling the need to be wordy lol! (I suppose this is no different than Brexit, or ShAmie, or other paired couples worded as one like Bradjolina).

Here is a snippet of the book:


So calling someone a Beslubbering pigeon-livered dunghill would translate as:


A slobbering fearful heap of excrement!  Whoa, if you actually said that to someone, they would not be insulted they would be scratching their head because they would not know the meaning.  It would be more confusing than insulting, perhaps that is the best insult of all.

I am not one to use insults in situations, but you just never know when it will come in handy!  LOL!!!!

Onto mystery quilting for good fortune.  I was worried I would not have enough cheddar for my quilt so imagine this picture, cut up into rectangles.  Yup, going the easy road.  I figure the same will be true for the neutrals soon.  Not doing strings of that either.  I refuse to cut up fabric pieces for strings if I do not already have them.  I save my scraps but my scraps all fit in a 20 gallon tote.  Nothing is color coordinated, so yup, going the easy route.

Imagine these fabrics as rectangles lol!

And next week vacation starts,  Longarm here I come!  I will be stitching for hours hopefully.  I am planning a turkey dinner and leftovers (easy reheating not cooking) so I can dedicate time to learn more of the do’s and don’ts of my machine.

I did pick up a new cookbook at the thrift store and will be investigating that for recipes. I have not posted a recipe in a while, for shame.  It is not due to lack of cooking, I cook everyday (except last night), but my main staple recipes are all uploaded.  And it takes something special for it to become a favorite worthy of share.  There is a recipe for olive oil cake.  I may try it out as I have never had such.  Be looking for that post in the coming week on my other blog,

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

3 thoughts on “Seeing Reds!

  1. Or it could become a rappers name! Hehe

    Forgive me. I’m in a mood. Some porch pirate stole my Bonnie Hunter rulers that were delivered the day I brought hubs home from the hospital. Amazon is kindly replacing via expedited delivery …. On the day scheduled for his follow up visit with his doctor. Wish I owned a bear trap. Hohoho

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If snail mail even managed to get them tbat far. Since the post office offers less than stellar benefits, the non veteran postmen do not care and are sooooo lazy. You can always go to the post office and ask they keep all packages there. We had to do that because the postman would not knock and just leave us a slip in the box…..we were home when he done this. Found out you can request that….they will oblige. And they will be safe and sound. Perhaps the stress in your life right now will start to fade as thngs return back to normal. A rappers name….hmmm this time of year it could be a wrappers mame too. I could use an elf helper with a corney name. 🙂


  2. Lol! Do not get me started on the post office!!! When I have more time, I’ll tell you a priceless story concerning same.

    For now, I wanted to ask if you’ve seen the Cranky Claus quilt? it’s not to be missed! daily blog listing on 12/17. I have mixed thoughts on it.

    Happy quilting!


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