The Brick Road of 2019

We are not psychic.  We never know what is coming around the corner.  We all have good intentions.  Our stash represents our quilting dreams and intentions.  Loaded up on caffeine and sugar in our society makes it hard to focus on just one thing (children have certainly taught us a thing or to about sugar eh?).  So we start a new project with new excitement and new attitude with the best of intentions.  We resolve to be better at whatever it is we want to resolve once and for all.

As a blogger, who wants traffic to frequent this site, I blow and go, switching gears faster than my hands can work.  My processor speed is still full throttle, but the body does not keep that pace.  Pinterest does not help, rather is a time succubus that I use for more than reference.  Like attending a quilt show every day with something I have never seen before.  Pinterest interferes with quilting time.  Resolving to use it as a reference, not something to scroll through daily.

In blogland, it makes me smile to read about other bloggers UFOs and their completion.  I smile at the obtainable goals set.  With the new year freshly underway, blogland is full of people wanting to purge their UFO piles, to organize, to simplify.

I usually don’t have a quilt plan, improv seems to be the way I lean.  But this year I am resolving to tame the stash.  In order for this to happen, the scraps will have to be tamed first.  This will free up one tote.  That tote will be where I start sewing from first.  I will then venture out after I bankrupt what I can from there.  My stash is generous, but many have far more than I.  I do not want to go to “paralyzed by the stash” land.

So I am resolving the situation this new year by going through my scrap tote and purging what I deem to be trash.  There was a point I was keeping crumbs.  NOT ANYMORE.  Not once in the last 10 years have I cared to touch this crumby part of my stash.  Gone, sianara, adios, axrrivaderchi.  Kudos to all that utilize to the nth degree.  This no longer fits my plan for fabric and its storage.


Gone are the scraps of 50/50.  These were pieces I came across while going through my freebie fabrics given to me.  Not keeping, giving to waste management to deploy at the dump.

What remains is an un-homoginized mess of strings?  When I look at the bucket because they are just thrown in, they are wrinkled and not for use within the moment.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the strings if you cannot use them as needed.  So, I am ironing the wrinkles.  Then on the larger strings of 2.5 or greater strips, they are being trimmed to make bricks.  A new Leader Ender project has come about during this re-org.  I have made great progress.  I still have not even made a dent.

I need to formulate a plan on making sure my scraps do not end up an unraveled mess of wrinkled bits.  It will probably involve a clothes drying rack to stay erected in my sewing space all the time.  Currently I only use this while getting my fabrics starched/pressed for mystery quilting.  This is my new plan, and will continue to deploy the plan as I improv along.

Baggies seem to encapsulate the work I have done fine, so you can now define me as a bag lady LOL.

On the brick road to fabric storage/use success!
Stacked nice and neatly until I have enough for a gallon storage bag.
Baggies to the rescue!
Brick leader ender now a nice straight pile ready for sewing.  With some bonus 2 1/2 inch squares trimmed ready for purpose.
Bag lady title, here i come!  The amount of space this takes up is a whole lot less, done in the bag lady fashion.

Scraps equal free quilts.  No cost to me and my pocketbook.  In winter it allows the thermostat to be lower, sew even more savings. Scrap quilts are quite the humble experience.  Humble is good, scraps equal simplicity.  It is all good!

This new system will allow me to work smarter not harder.  A lower labor plan sounds wonderful as well, so I am on board one wrinkle in time.

After I obtain tote perfection, I will have to move onto the larger scrap drawer I have which are fat quarters and larger pieces that have no rhyme or reason for how they exist in that drawer.  It will be next in my plan, for now…the tote will keep me busy for quite a while.

May your resolution plan for 2019 be forever and unbroken!

Happy New Year and thanks you for reading my blog!


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