The Puckers of Life

In my last post, I stated my goal of being to the outermost border In Good Fortune by the end of the week. That did not happen, but I am so close.  I had to catch up all the pieces to finish those blocks.  I had counted wrong by 5 pinwheel blocks.  So my yellow vareity ran low.  I had to make another trip to the stash.

person pointing map chart
Photo by Skitterphoto on…..I probably need to make a map of all my stash locations in the house and their inventories…..a treasure map of X marks the spot.

A trip to the stash is like shopping at the most inconvienent time at the most inconvienent space/place!  You are the stocker, and the customer!  I did manage to get a load more of variety using my scraps.  Then to work the blue Hst’s.  Yeah, needed more variety there.  I shopped the stash again (so time consuming indeed).  I found I could rob about 10 charm squares from various packs.  Two of those squares were a more than perfect match, and having so much sewing to be done with blue, made arrangements to visit the LAQS to get the variety needed.  Done.  Spent an evening making the blue hst’s, as I did no counting.  I come up a few short so I will make more today.  (did I mention I shopped my Mother’s stash too?)

colorful toothed wheels
Photo by Digital Buggu on

Switching gears from being on holiday, to working so hard and overtime is difficult.  Everything revolves around time.  Being on vacation was so nice as that time continuum did not harass.  I could bathe my dirty children in the middle of the day, when time was not stressing them or me, and they would actually be clean mid-day!  The dishes could be done at anytime.  My hygiene habbits could be done or even not done with pajama sewing going on.  I have deemed the regular chores do not stress me.  The daily grind of fitting those chores into a small opening, and if one thing fails to launch, everything becomes fruit basket upset, can o-worms ensues, procrastination happens, which then adds more stress.  I am thankful for my sewing time as it ungathers all the puckers of life.

Goals made

  • Get to the inner border in good fortune
  • Longarm baby quilt

Goals met so far……zero

The good news is I do not need to set new goals, these will probably carry me through til next week.

I also was the recipient of a bunch of pantographs.  It was nice to have that package greet me when I came home from work.  Cost zero dollars….priceless.  My goodness I am practically a mastercard commercial….hmmm….if only that paid me to stay at home.

Stay tunned for more Good Fortune!  And thank you for reading my blog.

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