_ _ _ _Stitching to the Max_ _ _ _

Whoa, time to slow down and say, aahhhhhhhh.  Weekends are for rest, right?  Well, I decided the only way to meet and hopefully exceed my goals is to put my big girl panties on and stitch to the max.  Sew stitch I did.

There is something about cold fronts.  It gives me that extra boost of energy.  Energy needed for all the mundane tasks gets sucked up in a hurry, but with that low pessure mass, I feel so rabbit-like.  Energy thrives!

I woke up Saturday morning to a snowfall.  I was surprised even though I had listened to the weather forcast.  We all dismiss weather forcasts now and then.  Sometimes all that results from weather media hype is a huge eye roll, am I right?

In talking with my mother, she said at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning there was nothing on the ground, and when I got up at 7ish, the roof of the shed and the ground had coverage.  Nice that it happened on a weekend when travel to work is not necessary.  In recalling that morning, before anyone at the house rose from sleep, it was very still and quiet inside and outside.   No cars starting or driving down our block.  A nice peaceful hushed morning.

I managed to get play ball 2 quilted and bound.  Goal set, goal achieved!


Notice the different color white in the quilt.  This was accident.  Apparently I have a lightbulb that removes different shades of white making them all the same.  I was peeved at myself in this error.  But the more I looked at it, the more I realized the yellower of the two whites resembles the color of a baseball.  The idea has grown on me.  I am ok with it now.  I backed this with gray, not my original intention.  The lad I am giving this to, he was named Grey.  I thought it was fitting.  Eventually the whites will bleach to the same color with enough washings.  I am most certain he will not care!

I had no quilting tension issues….wooohooo!  I did not iron before loading onto the frame, this saved a bit of time.  A good misting of potato mash (aka vodka) and water ironed it enough for quilting to be pucker free!  It took me less than an hour to quilt.  And because Grey is already born I decided not to hand stitch any of the binding.  My featherweight did an excellent job of stitching it down.  Done.

Goal number two was to get to the outermost border by next weekend on good fortune.  I have not met this goal but am well on my way!  I managed to get all the blocks sewn together.  I had to make more blue neutral hst’s.  My sewing area quickly became a tornado of activity.  Tornados leave a mess in their wake.

This quilt grows on me every time I snap a photo, just look, it is saying cheese!  Cheddar to be exact!


I managed some tiding up and condensing of piles.  Amazingly enough with all the quilts I have completed in the last two months, the pile is diminishing.   This afforded some real estate that enabled a more tidy work corner.  I love when the planets align, and all is good.

I am grateful for an amazing weekend full of stitches.  In the advent of straightening up, I moved the Christmas cactus which consist of three nodules just barely peeking out of the soil.  It is in it’s container that is probably 2 qt size.  In moving it from the kitchen window to the living room window, I have contracted the stinking hives again.  Sunday afternoon my palms itched and itched and itched.  I quickly made the connection, took some zyrtec, and was fine until the following afternoon.  I came home from working a full day and crashed.  When I woke up, not only did I have the hives, I had extreme swelling of the face and hands.  My hands swelled to the point of skin being so tight, I could not move my fingers.  Sunlight and water are my greatest enemy.  No showers, no going outside.  Not like I feel like doing that anyway.  It is boring, but restful I suppose.  I wrote this post Sunday and am finishing it today, Wednesday.  When I re-read the first paragraph, I suppose those words were jinxed.  I should be more careful of the good fortune that befalls me.  Bad that I have the hives, great for rest, which I did not get over the weekend.

I still aim to meet my goal, and am on the mend.  Goals to be set for the upcoming weekend are totally up in the air.  Since I cannot do anything but watch tv, and tap on the tablet, Household stuff is falling behind.  Moms are the backbone of detail chores.  This mom is heavily relied upon for all sorts of stuff.  In reflection, I should be more careful what I write as that can change in the blink of an eye.  Hiving in good fortune!

Happy quilting readers!  May my post inspire you!  And thank you for reading my blog!

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