Daffodils Pantograph Style

I finally got time on the longarm.  I battled tension issues again but in retrospect, it was only worth a mention and not like in previous posts.

A couple years ago, a coworker who has received two baby quilts from me (gifts), gifted me her grandmother’s stash.  Her grandmother realized that she would never get to all of it, so she purged.  I was the recipient of that, and am forever grateful.  This made many quilts.  Here are just a few.

Quite a sampling.  A lot of the fabrics were 70s orange and browns, with lots of 90s burgundys/reds.  I made the most of this fabric.  I have kept a bit of it, and passed on to the Stitching group non-profit who may have already used it up.

In this stash of stuff were some lovely dresdens that are waiting to be sewn to cloth.  Some dresden’s that are blocks waiting to be sashed.  And then there was this humble baby quilt.  I quilted that today.  Will bind it during the week as time allows.  I will be gifting this back to my coworker as a surprise.  Something completed her grandmother made.  Something her grandmother can see completed.  I am going to recommend she either lets her girls use it now while they are little as a hug from their great-grandma.  Or to put up until my coworkers girls have children of their own and it will be a present from that child’s great-great grandma.  Either way it will be hers to do with as she pleases.


There are daffodils amongst the stitches and I am very pleased with my first pantograph run,  This came to be as a trade of sorts.  I traded two one gallon ziplock baggies of scrap strings for a priority mail box full of pantographs.  There is a larger version of this pattern, but for this small quilt I did not think the large would do the scale justice.  I see I still need a bit of work between the pantos, but this is practice.  It is ultimately quilted.  With the mauve fabrics, I bet this was originally made for my coworker and never brought all the way to fruition.

This was my first pantograph experience.  Memorable!  I learned much.  For those of you starting out on your longarm, do not go directly to the pantographs.  Your eyes need to be on the quilt, listening to your machine.  You need to get lots of practice on quilt tops before moving to a simpler task.  This will give you the wisdom to move to the rear of the quilt.  You need to master the basics of tension and thread and loading, floating, batting before you can move to the rear of the machine.  If you do, you will miss out on much and potentially have a bit of rework every time.

I have gotten Good Fortune out on a non-rainy day to snap a photo of it so far.  Mind you it still needs ironing.


I have the pieces for the outer border about 60% pieced, I still need to cut out a few more and stitch those.  I can’t wait for this one to get to the longarm.  Not sure how quickly I will get this one quilted as I do not have a backing.  I have stitched all my quilts up it has depleted the larger cuts of fabric.  I see a purchase of fabric in my near future.  🙂


In all the good fortune quilts I have viewed I kept seeing the wavy border of and could not see it on mine until I hung it up on the clothes line and took a few steps back.  I could really see it then.  This quilt turned out better than all my expectations.  I really worried about all the loud black fabrics I chose, but it really blends and works!

No link up today, this gives me more time to get it to completion!

I am off in pursuit of a cleaner house LOL.  For those of you who cheered me on during the mystery, you were right!  It turned out fine!  Thank you for that positive encouragement.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  And Thanks for reading my blog.


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