A milestone

A milestone is a measurement.  Reflection on where you started and where you are now. You could be a month into a project.  You could be halfway done or even complete.  In quilting lingo, you are either in a new project, or somewhere in the middle of a project.  You could nearly be done with a project.  A milestone is something to celebrate.  You are no longer at the start, nor at the end but somewhere always in between.

When we conquer, milestones are greatly celebrated.  I have had a couple milestones this week.  One of which is a pleasant birthday.  It comes every year, and as we age it is just another day.  This years birthday came to be as a plesantry.  A gathering that usually never happens did!  A splendid milestone as I have been in existence one more year and I got to be surrounded by family.


A piece of cake pin cushion made by mom, with clever lace frosting!  And an organizer for stuff :), mom is always finding useful trinket quitly related items. I will use this to the inth degree!  pieceocake2

My second milestone is TENSION CONTROL.  I have finally figured out what had caused me so much greif on and off between Dec 1st till now.  I have a bad bobbin.  This bobbin has been used unsuccessfully in three quilts.  But this is the one I was able to narrow it down.  It winds weird and not in the entirety starting and stopping.

I was quilting this….


And each time I loaded a bobbin, no adjustment was neccessary.  And then I loaded the one that would not wind right.  And humps in the tension on the top of the stitches happened.  Adjustments were tried and failed after one pass of the pantograph.

I have a whole row to rip out.  It happens, and will probably not happen again.


When this happens it sews fine and then all of a sudden you have loop-de-loops on the back and some on the front.  These are pretty easily ripped out from the back side because the tension was so slack just a snip and a pull, and several inches come undone.  Incidentally, this is the backing I got a couple of weeks ago at hobby lobby for $2 per yard.  I did not have enough for overhang on all 4 sides.  So I stitched a 6 inch strip on one end.  As I neared the end I had about an inch before I would have stitched into unwanted fabric territory.

I wish I had worked on Good Fortune.  I have less than 15 blocks of that last border to make.  Working a 12 hour day adding a half hour for lunch and a hour commute both ways made for one very long day.  Wiped me out for three, enabled me to leave early on my Birthday and quilt at my machine.  One thing led to the good fortune of another, not exactly in a desirable sequence, this is life.

I am excited to see pictures of others good fortune quilts as it is the last link up.  Click here to visit the linky party at Quiltville.blogspot.com.  During one of these mystery quilts, one has something else to look forward to each week, whether it be the linkups, reading the instructions, or sewing the blocks.  After it is over I will have to wait for the next mystery quilt that builds sew much excitement for me and others.  Now that it is over, there is a feeling of let down.  Not sure why I have experienced this.   I am certain it is a very climactic event for me.


This milestone is sew close!  Thank you Bonnie Hunter for gifting me the ability to make this quilt happen.  You have much on your plate and still take the time to share your gift!

During the EnProvence mystery I swore I would never let go of that quilt, and this Christmas I gifted it away.  Never is forever.  I think when one gifts a quilt as extreme as these mystery ones, it is yet another milestone in quilty life.  Learning to embrace the memory snd the process of how it came to be, at the same time letting go of material possessions.  That gift I will never regret. I know I did the right thing.

And thank you everyone for reading my blog!



5 thoughts on “A milestone

  1. A thoughtful post! While I acknowledged them individually, I had never thought of it that way, as a continuum — quilting IS all about milestones, small and large. I totally undertand what you mean about participating in a Bonnie mystery: it is an adrenalin rush of an experience (What are we going to make? Can I finish each part on time? How will all my choices and the parts look togther? Will I like it?). When that kind of trip is over, it’s kind of like “Awww, we’re done already?” and it’s usually just when you’ve gotten used to being “in the zone” and getting everything produced satisfactorily. Well you know what that means about “En Provence” — another milestone — to make a second one just for yourself! The good news? This time, no weekly deadlines (except self-imposed ones). A new journey awaits!

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  2. I usually experience a let down feeling at the end of Bonnie’s mysteries. It is such fun to be working on these complex projects in the company of so many others around the world, that is is sad when it is over.

    Your Good Fortune looks fantastic with the dark background!


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