Stages Of Gladness

This morning while waking up the girls, I realized how glad I am to wake them up while I am at my freshest and while they are at freshness.  As a mother at the end of the night you are glad to put the children to bed, so you can sigh in peace, lol.

Quilting has this property.  We all have a project that becomes a chore and you “put it to bed” and are glad to silence the nag on your sewing table.  You are glad to move onto another project whether it is brand new, or a nag of a project from another time.  You are glad to gaze upon each day until you are no longer glad, then you become glad to ignore it, shuffle, not look at it, hide it, and ultimately to finish it.

We are glad for all of our projects regardless of the gremlins within the actual chore of the project, even the pleasurable quilt experiences……all Gladness!

I am glad to have a finish this week!  The last stitches were accomplished last night.  A new technique acquired!

A couple of years ago I started stitching my strings onto telephine book pages.

I put this project away until I had just a bit more variety.  My tote became a dumping ground of laziness.  All scraps started finding there way to this bin.  It was impossible to find strings.

At the end of 2018 I decided to straighten my bin of strings, eliminating all but the strings.  A bunch of ironing and sorting happened.  My string bin in now tamed.

As a result another quilt was gladly started in the fever of organization!  Brick road will be seen soon.


I finally got the strings quilt backing and got it loaded onto the machine.  I had a hiccup of tension finding a warped bobbin.  Those two rows were ripped out and I was glad to move onto finish of the quilting.  While ripping out the stitches I gave much thought to applying the binding while it was loaded on the frame.  For you longarmers who do not apply the binding at this step, you are missing out on a marvelous shortcut.  Curious how this goes?  I found a lovely tutorial on youtube.  Click here to see how it is done.

After stitching with my longarm, closing out the binding, and pinning the scrappy binding to the back and running a top stitch with the featherweight had flawless results in a recod time (the featherweight does NOT need a walking foot).  I am glad I tried this binding technique.  I will be glad to do it again.

Butterflies are now part of this $10 quilt.  Yup that is all the money I have in it.  The strings you keep equals a free quilt top in the future.  The white sashing was a gift from my mother, and the backing of 4 1/2 yds at $2 per yard is a glad way to invest your fabric stash.  A little stash investment with a big return.  Here is the finished quilt.  Diamonds on a Shoestring budget so fondly named will be hugging a loved one in no time.



I am glad I am done and I get to work on another project.  I only have two more tops ready for quilting and another top almost done.  These tops are yards and yards of fabric which is trimming the fat of my stash freeing up much real estate in my corners of the house.  Fabric purchases, here we come, glad for the plentiful, glad for their usefulness, glad for a fabric update!

This is a post of gladness!  Perhaps a little shift in how you think about projects will bring you much gladness!  Perhaps a positive encouragement and a different way to look at the mundane will change you forever because you were ignoring all the gladness in your heart!

May you be glad to start, finish, or be somewhere in the middle of your project!  And thank you for reading my blog!

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