Productivity at a snails pace

microphotography of orange and blue house miniature on brown snail s back
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I am guessing you are thinking I have a quilt with snails on it.  NOPE.  I seem to be a snail of late.  I like to think of myself as a “speedy-macfeely”.  I suppose at work, I am, but when I get home, the mundane has gotten to me.  Tired of the rut of dishes, diapers, laundry, cooking, bathing, my hobby becomes slow to a stop.  A snails pace.

Saturday, amongst the mundane, I did manage to get my outer border strips sewn for the Good Fortune quilt.  I also made the last 4 blocks for the 4 corners.  Two more strips ready to be sewn to the remaining sides.  This quilt chapter is coming to a close.


Setting my goals for the week, Good Fortune will probably become a complete flimsy!  A baby boy is coming into the world in June (friends baby that is), so I will be taking baby steps to start on this.  The fabric has not arrived.  The brick road quilt blocks are calling my name, so I would love to sew a few more of these together.

My mom has a bow tie quilt she found at a sale.  It will be next on the longarm.  I will start quilting on that tomorrow.  It is 120 inches…a biggie and will take me awhile.  I am planning a couple of different techniques for this.  One of which concerns my bobbins.  I only have 8.  All but one have a different color on them.  I am going to quilt this in all different colors.  I did this on my Just Smurfy quilt and it played beautifully together.  I am also going to try a different pantograph technique.

I am not as rehearsed as I would like to be with feathers.  I had mastered feathers on my DSM, but it was because I could turn the fabric in the correct direction to get the feather right.  My eyes play tricks on me at cerain angles so I will need to refine my feather skills.  In the meantime, I will be using a feather medallion out of a hand quilting book my mother has and audition this in the negative space of the quilt.  I look forward to time with this quilting feat pantograph style!

sunset feathers sun sky
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I managed to find the proper backing for Good Fortune as well as backing for my tumblers quilt (now I am in the poorhouse, LOL!). Those will follow on the longarm after the bowtie.  Not sure how I will quilt good fortune, but the tumbler I am leaning toward an fleur-de-lis of sorts in each tumbler.  I am needing to fill all of my bobbins for this, hence the multi color choice on the bowtie to assist my thread predicament.  More bobbins will be coming soon, which will prevent this from happening for a while.

Work has been an alghorythum of crazy.  Drama and a bizzare schedule zap my sewing batteries, another barricade preventing a happy hobby.

close up photo of batteries
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For most of america, you have snow!  Here, the daffodils are blooming!  Spring is coming,  I know all of your snow shovels are needing a respite.  My sympathies to your bundle ups of socks, boots, scarves, muffs….break out the hot chocolate, as everything is easier with chocolate.

snow ice winter cold
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Goals are set, Lets see if I can maintain them properly in the coming weeks.  And thank you for reading my blog!

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