Two Tops, 2 Goals

In last weeks post, I set a couple of goals.  The goals happened but my execution was flawed.  I wanted to empty my bobbins on a white quilt.  I wanted to trace a medallion from the rear of the machine.  This ended in a fail, and what I would call my best friend of late, the seam ripper, came out to play.

I ended up doing free motion quilting of C and S swirls, which showed nice puff on this old quilt top.  I also switched my thread to the thicker thread.  My machine LOVES thicker thread weight, and therefore I love thicker thread weight.  I also made the thread white, which was much friendlier to this quilt.  If anyone is interested in 3000 yard thread cones in some very nice colors, I will sell them to you at cost, $7 per cone.  I have black, white, tan, light blue, lavender, burgundy, yellow, and I will just have to snap a photo to remember all the colors.  This is longarmer thread, not cotton.


The quilt pictured is no longer a UFO (unfinished object)!  Mother was delighted as she is the owner.  The top was a thrift store purchase.  “This quilt will be used”, said Mom.  I am hoping she is working on the binding today with her sewing group.

I am thinking I may need to go a-sewing with Mom again, Would love to go today but can’t”  I certainly have plenty of projects.  Like this one I started back in October when I last visited!


I got this out of it’s storage and have started adding to the rounds.  All of the fabric panel that started this has now been used.  I had come across another piece of polycotton in the stash, so it’s addition is coming soon.  No goal for this one yet though.

And Good Fortune is now a completed top.  I learned a valuable lesson with my camera in snapping of the photos below.  If you are carrying a camera that is on with a touch screen, DONT TOUCH THE SCREEN!  All my perfect settings got messed up, I heard the camera beep like I had reset something.  I had to go back through the tutorial to figure it all out again.  These pictures seem fuzzy to me.  There is a setting to fuzz images apparently.  So sorry for poor photo quality, but it has been corrected since.


The grass appears green, but that is decieving.  Those are just the February weeds that will look green when it snows and is cold.  A great contast to all dormancy of winter, hence the lovely show of green.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Start quilting the tumblers quilt (the backing came in the mail this week)


  • come up with a quilting plan for Good Fortune (free motion of perhaps wood grain…a story for another post behind this thought)
  • Stitch some bricks for my leader ender


  • Work on my Be Colourful Fanciful Flight kit

fanciful flying geese

Sew much to do, sew little time.

That’s a wrap!  Thank you for reading my blog!

2 thoughts on “Two Tops, 2 Goals

  1. Your flimsy of Good Fortune is very beautiful. I was very curious to see how this turned out, and it is quite amazing. Just goes to show that our ideas of color are narrow! I hope to take this lesson to heart, and be more adventurous with my color choices. 🙂

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