Mid Week Camel Hump

Wednesday….named for the God of Woden, knocking on wood (which was to keep bad stuff away), pagan stuff all is associated with the middle of the week known as hump day.  The Monday is behind us, and just as far as Monday is behind, Friday is equidistant to the work week being OVER.

This week I am taking a mini vacation (so today was my Wednesday!).  Thursday(#1 off day) is recuperation from the mundane (I may make a cake).  Friday is Dallas Quilt Show day, yay!  (expect lots of pictures)  Saturday is estate sale of a quilter, am going to that to see if there is anything for me.

If you visit my last post, you will see the goals I set for the next 7 days.  I am really liking the technique of goals in a 7 day increment.  Most goals are met so far, but those that are not, I give myself another 7 days to complete.  This is doubling the time, which is doable in most instances, and has very good productivity results.

Fanciful flight now has paper pieces ready to block some stars together, I failed to capture a picture.  I am very pleased on this progress, it went much faster than anticipated.  Eight star pieces ready to become a star times 8.  I just love cutting instructions with this pattern, it makes it more of an assembly line process.  I am the kind of quilter who usually wings it a lot, so I may be cutting, ironing, and sewing all within 10 minutes of each task, which leaves a worldwide of mess in its wake and a sporadic rhythm.magicpresingmat2

I have sewn a few bricks, more of that will probably happen while I am vacationing at the sewing machine 🙂


The tumbler quilt is loaded and is being quilted.  I will probably finish this on Sunday morning.


And a Bonus!!!!!! On Ringo Lake is quilted!!!!!

While it was on the quilting machine, I had to fill in a few spots of quilting. This was started on my domestic sewing machine. iIt was quite the work out pushing this thing under the needle. I am glad to have my large quilting machine to finish with the little touches here and there
A close up of some silly stuff I did with circles. I think this only ended up on one block.
Binding is on, and being stitched. More than halfway done with this.

No new goals as the week is not even halfway over.  I am feeling good, the machines are purring right along, which makes my heart purr to that (knock on wood LOL).  And speaking of that here is our wonderful cat named Momma Kitty.  She was a stray that followed us home walking the block to my parents house in June about 2 1/2 years ago (previously known as Baby Kitty)  She is fertile and has made plenty of little pitter patters of joy all over the house, whether it is us playing with the felines, or them playing and jumping and running with one another.  She is so calm and likes to find a lap.  I probably need to get her spayed to keep her healthy and more indoors.  She is amazing.


My snuggle buddy on the quilt, I wish this happened more often.  But usually if the children are afoot she is in one of their laps or being carried crazy ways all over the house, tolerating the whole bit.

I am looking forward to my next post of adventures at the Dallas Quilt Show, so stay tuned.  And thank you for reading my blog!


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