Celebrate National Women’s Day!

How did you celebrate your day today?  Today is National Women’s Day and I celebrated by going to a quilt show!  The Dallas Quilt Show was lovely.  I learned much there today, and there was even a quilt displayed that was a teaching tool.  It taught me all about the wonderful women who proceeded me, paving the way and making a difference.

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Factoids above, who knew the inventor of Kevlar (saving many lives was a woman!)

Here is the quilt.


I am not sure why the green bars have appeared on this photo, but I am not going to take the time to figure it out.

Here is the remaining pictures I took at the show.  Unfortunately with the day being a wonderful weather day, many chose to get out, and the place was swamped.  Moving was difficult compared to years past.  I only snapped about 20 photos.  I have a couple of favorites, I really like the Martin Luther King quilt.  I took a close up of his nose to find that it was a floral fabric.  Neat!

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There is a quilt of waves with white, upon closer inspection I found the quilt to actually have it’s batting showing.  What a neat technique.  I also admired the bedazzled quilt.  Wonderful work.

There is an eagle that is quilted on painted leather, that was absolutely stunning and nice machine work.  A leather quilt at the quilt show, a first for these aging eyes.

I did very little shopping as the crowd was too much to move about.  So no fabric score of any kind.

On the home front, being off from work is bliss!  I finished On Ringo Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please ignore the bath mat in the picture, I had a cat hack on it, and it got hosed off and is airing out LOL.  Such a photo bomb!

And here is the back.  I selected what I had in my stash.  Very dated fabrics in neutrals that worked fine for this job.


And a couple of weeks back I mentioned I would be planning a baby quilt for a former coworker.  Working in the Aeronautics industry, sometimes when planning a quilt for a boy, you just have to get planes involved.  After much brainstorming, I got out my charm packs, and during this spelunking adventure in my old buffet I found a jelly roll called Flight by Moda fabrics.  Perfect for a little boy.  So another Jelly Roll Race quilt top is completed.




There will be more quilty news in the weekend edition of my blog post.  So much to say, sew little time.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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