Free Motion Video Baptist Fan

Ah at last I got a youtube account.  Start following my channel, My Quilt Projects.  Currently I have the baptist fan video showing how there are no gaps while free handing it.  This is a very brief video, and watching free motion quilting videos is mesmerizing.

Click here to view the video.

This was the pattern used on my tumbler quilt top.

tumblerafterquiltingtumblercloseupquiltingtumblerquilting2This is what I have to show you this week.

Goals from last week’s post equaled one!  I worked on getting the 9 patch units made.  I only have two left to make!  As for the rest of my list, I totally deviated from my plan and did nothing on my list.  Daylight savings time recuperation happened.   acclimatizing…..

I did however try out my new Red Snappers on my quilting machine and within minutes my quilt sandwich was loaded ready for the thread to stitch it all together.

I chose my TOGA (treadle on gathering academy) quilt top from the 2018 quilt block swap in NE Texas.


I chose a neutral thread and decided to give a go at feathers.  This will be my first attempt at free motion feathers on my Longarm.  While doing this on my regular sewing machine, to get the feathers to look balanced on both sides, I always had to be working in a north/south movement, if I tried an east/west movement, my brain did not give me the right vision/hand eye coordination, and so those always looked odd.  Same holds true for the longarm.  It will take me much practice, and that will be my next free motion video.  But all in all I am pleased with the result.

I also put my new foot on my quilting machine, and love the extra control I have with this.  Less hopping, more pressure equals better control.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • applique stitch the fans in the tumbler quilt
  • apply/finish binding the tumbler quilt
  • Finish quilting the TOGA quilt
  • Bind the TOGA quilt
  • Upload free motion quilting of feathers

I found out yesterday where I get my Janome serviced is going out of business.  Thomas Sewing Center is having a closing business sale of 45% off machines, embroidery designs, machine feet, and fabric.  I am saddened by this as their competitor will get all their business I am VERY unimpressed with their tacticts and rudeness.  Not sure if this sale applies to internet sales but this store is located in Mesquite, TX.  Not sure if the going out of business means all stores either.  That is why Thomas Sewing Center was not at the Dallas quilt show and their competitor was.  Probably worth a look either way.

Be looking for a recipe to upload at on my other blog.  I am going with red velvet cupcakes with no food coloring, we shall see how those turn out.  Be looking for that post soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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