Reflection, 3rd Week of March 2019

This week in reflection started off good, and then went to pot!  We all have good intentions.  The goals I made for myself were ready to easily meet.  And then life happened.

Lately I have been getting a stiff neck, like I have slept wrong, but this doesn’t happen during sleep, it happens gradually during the day.  In my wisdom years, it either means I need to buy new bras or new shoes LOL.  Nope, this time it was not the fix.  Today, I figured out what it is.  I keep jutting out my chin to get the sweet spot in my bifocals.  Apparently after paying very close attention today, my bifocals are just not strong enough causing me to favor the better eye, cocking my head, and in doing so, getting a stiff neck.

This also caused a Migraine.  No work for three days.  Light was too much, noise was too much.  Screens could not be viewed.  No sewing happened.  Three whole days of just laying about getting sore from laying, and not moving.  This certainly helped my headache, but everything else suffered.

So some of my goals listed from last weeks post did not happen.

Goals stated from last week:

  • Applique stitch the fans by hand (completed)
  • Apply/finish binding on tumbler quilt (completed)
  • upload free motion feathers video to you tube (completed)
  • Finish free motion quilting of feathers on toga quilt
  • Apply/finish binding on toga quilt
I did get the handwork done!  This quilt is complete……need a photo opp
Free motion feathers video is uploaded to youtube and this completion will probably not happen for another week.

When I loaded this quilt, in my excitement using the red snappers, I loaded the backing the wrong way, which when I got to that edge, could not complete.  I will have to add fabric for the last inch and a half, and walking foot it together.  I do have the binding ready to go just as soon as I can, I aim to hit the completion milestone.

This past weekend I worked on a few more scrappy nine patches.  My count is more than I need, but others may have signed up so I may need to make a few more.  I love the fact I am using up all those scraps.

And I found out today I have to work on Saturday.

I am going to set three main goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish to Toga quilt
  • If needed make a few more 9 patches
  • Load one of my mother’s quilts and start quilting on hers
  • Get some photo opps of the quilts I have completed so far this year (the weather is finally starting to permit)
  • And tend to my brick road leaders/enders as seen below


Ok, so after reading this while editing, I see I have more than three goals.  Some of these will happen, I just know it.

Oh and I did get the red velvet cupcakes made and they are indeed red, and the family is eating them, I am just not a fan.  They are moist, but pretty flavorless, so the recipe did not make the cut.  Perhaps another experiment will happen, And I will use less beets.  To be determined.

I am off to try to catch up life things like laundry and dishes.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and thank you for reading my blog!


2 thoughts on “Reflection, 3rd Week of March 2019

  1. has a recipe for red velvet cake using red wine…. Thanks for posting the results before I made the beet recipe!


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