As promised in my last post, the photo opps have taken place.  First up is the Treadle On Gathering Academy block swap from NE Texas last April.  This is finished before the next swap, which is good.  Also this used lots and lots of fabrics.  Scraps are slowly dwindling, but I seem to still be swimming in them.  I chose a feather free motion pattern using mother goose thread which blends very nicely with most of the quilt.  Did you see my feathers video?  If not click here to view.  More videos/tutorials coming soon!


To get to this point I used 2 1/2 inch squares and a 4 1/2 inch large square to start these blocks.  Then I used my Simple Folded Corners ruler to snowball two different sized and got the triangle effect.

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I then used the snowballed corners on the edges of the quilt cornering two corners.  Every scrap was utilized.


And I finished the baptist fans tumbler quilt.  The binding finally is on.  I made the binding from whites/neutrals for a scrappy look.


Above shown is how it will lay upon the bed.  The narrow edge of tumblers as the border is made that way to hide under the pillows.  This looks like an extremely old quilt.  The fabrics came from thrift store scraps, an ugly fabric swap, as well as using a train panel and other fabrics in my stash.  The stash is slowly busting!tumblerdonetogadone

Here the pair are folded and stacked on a sittin’ bench on a lovely warm spring, sunshiny day.


On Ringo Lake looks more fantastic than I remember.  The turquoise looks like a lagoon of color.  When I got to the top being complete I did not really care for this, but now with an additional year of wisdom under my belt, it is like I am seeing this with new eyes.  I really like it.  I thought the orange was too much, but actually the turquiose steals their show, and I love turquoise!


I was delighted to use up some of my cotton and steel fabrics!


The backing is very dated fabric.  Rather than call it dated I am going to call it vintage!  Crows and watermelons, an interesting combo….


Some of the weird quilting I did on this is shown above.  I started this on my small sewing machine and got tired of wrestling with it, it won the first round.  But with time and patience, I finally loaded this on my longarm to finish the bits and pieces that were unquilted.  I won the final round, which is the one that counts!  I am not feeling the quilting on this quilt, but it is done and now useable!


And lastly the quilt above was a top my mom found for sale for a little bit of nothing.  It is huge!  And I am very happy with the quilting job for this free motion edge to edge design.  I will practice this one lots as it is forgiving and easy!  She bound this in a beautiful blue, perfect for this vintage top.

My most exciting news?  I was contacted by a coworker needing a quilt quilted by the 10th of april, and everyone is booked, except for me!  I named a ridiculous price, and she said yes!  I am sew happy, my first commision.  I want to take this exhilerating quilting ride slow.  I am afraid it may lead to a regular day job behind me.  Logically, those are just quilty pipe dreams.

I think back to 1994ish when I really started getting into this.  And then thinking about the year 2001ish.  I found a local longarmer.  Meandering, no pantos.  A disaapointment to not be able to get it how I wanted it because I lived in the sticks.  After a few of these disappointments, I just decided to start quilting them myself.  That was extreme wear and tear on my good machine let alone on my bones….lol.  Then the quilty dream of owning my own longarm, as the reality of prices of custom quilting would be half of what the machine cost.  And here I am today, much research, and study of all things quilty, knowledge being power.  Quilting is a super power!

So now I am the one behind the machine, offering custom quilting.  Full circle.  I have sew much to look forward to with this hobby, the future tense will be an enjoyable ride!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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