No Binding, yay!

This year I have had a lot of finishes.  A couple king size, a couple full size and a twin.  In learning the longarm, I have gained much wisdom.  For those of you who do not have one, they make life in the sewing corner messy.

I saw many posts of late where quilters snap photos and their area and it is a mess.  I never understood this until after my purchase of a longarm.

Pre longarm:

  • Finish your top
  • Send it off to the quilter (it can be there for weeks!)
  • Start another top

Post longarm:

  • Finish your top
  • Load your top
  • quilt your top (this may take a few days)
  • start another top at the sewing machine
  • When quilting is done, make binding
  • sew binding (Which means clearing out the project you just started…..fruit basket upset)
  • start sewing the top you just started before binding

This translates to more chaos at one time.  It is multitasking where there is a bottleneck, right at your sewing machine/work table

Notice in between all these bullets I never mentioned cleaning (giggle….I am guilty)  When a finish is so near, the excitement of the finish (for me) interferes with the rightness of cleaning.  It looks as if a tornado happened.  All we want to do is sew.  We find ourselves shuffling what is not needed instead of putting it away.  It makes chaos of a finish.  It also creates pressure.  Pressure in the back of your mind, your voice telling you to pick up, but your addiction to the craft say nuh-uh, nope, not now.

This week I quilted my first “customer” quilt.  I had no intentions of doing this, this early in the game, but I helped out a fellow quilter who reached out to me.  She was panicked as her deadline for the gift of giving a quilt was fast approaching, and other longarmers in her life were booked up.  I had the right color thread, so why not.  I threw out a ridiculous price, and she accepted!  It took me a couple of evenings between supper and baths for the children.  I enjoyed doing it.  It turned out great!  I will hand it off to her at work on Monday.  The great thing about all of this?  I got to quilt (my favorite part of the process) and I do not have to finish it!  No mess of the interruption of my project at the sewing table.  No mess to clean up from making binding!  YAY!  (Note:  I now know why longarmers charge such a high price for binding, it is messy and interupts the flow of things)


It seems the binding of the project makes things messy for me.  Over time perhaps my habits will change.  In the meantime reading other blogs, it makes me smile as the chaos from quilting, seeing the posts, I know I am not alone!

May future feng shui be better for all of us!  Look for another post about goals and accomplishments of the past week in the next few days, and thank you for reading my blog!

3 thoughts on “No Binding, yay!

  1. I don’t mind the binding, but I have started sewing my binding stripe together as I piece, so it is ready at the same time as the top. That helps me a lot. But hey, that quilt is looking gorgeous, how exciting to have a first commission! I’m just guessing, but I bet you could pay off your investment pretty quickly with some lovely pantograph quilting, which I gather is pretty straight forward and quick as well as more practice. How awesome to get paid to practice! 😄

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