No March Lion!

For us March came in like a lamb, So I thought it would go out like a lion.  There is no forecast for lion like weather.  Almost every year this is a true statement, whether it comes in like a lamb or lion, it will do the opposite on it’s exit.  Because of the un-natural algorithm, I am anxious to see what will unfold in the upcoming months.  I looked up what all this means, and it is of pagan beliefs.  I tried to find astrological evidence perhaps with stars or constellations, and that information, if it is out there is hidden from me.

There are many sayings/proverbs like “If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion”.  This is clearly stated in the Farmers Almanac.  Other sayings:

  • A dry March and a wet May? Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
  • As it rains in March, so it rains in June.
  • March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers.
  • So many mists in March you see, so many frosts in May will be.
  • Is’t on St. Joseph’s day (19th) clear,
    So follows a fertile year;
    Is’t on St. Mary’s (25th) bright and clear,
    Fertile is said to be the year

There are those of religous belief that nay-say about the Farmers Almanac.  I know my Grandfather used that knowledge for best planting days and spraying days for better yield.  Some say it is hogwash, actually these are weather algorithms.  Best days to cut grass or hair, castrate hogs, all have to do with the moons pull on earth and the sky full of stars and clouds.  Very interesting, and not commonly used today.

Switching gears….This week flew by!  I got in to see the eye doc.  New specs are on their way (and that can’t come soon enough!  Jeepers my peepers want to see without headaches or unfocused areas.  More accuracy with my eyes, I am all for that!

In reading back a couple of posts through my goals, I have met all but one and will be working on that today.

  • Finish 3 more 9 patches for a count of 25 (TOGA here I come)
2 1/2 inch squares ready to come together for a TOGA kind of celebration!
  • Get ready for the toothbrush rug demonstration for TOGA
  • Go to TOGA
  • Quilt a quilt for Mom (her’s got bumped so I could do one for someone in pinch)
  • Find backings for two baby quilts
  • Sew some more bricks on my leader ender
My bricks laying on the shelf at the back of my machine.  This is my sewing corner and everything is within reach.  I sew standing up at my Grandmother’s old Buffet.

I found out this week that a coworker of mine is having a girl (I am so glad as boy stuff in my stash has become meager).  For the last several months on my sewing table was leftover unsewn half square triangles.  This week I went ahead and sewed those seams.  There were about 50 of them and at 4 1/2 inches unfinished would really be a quick quilt top.  I cut a few strips and subcut squares to get a top made for this baby girl occasion.  This went together in a matter of a couple hours since all the hst’s were already made.  This one measures at about 40 inches square and will be easy to quilt.  I have that one as well as the jelly roll race airplane top placed in my bag to hop onto the quilting frame after I get done with my Mom’s top.

Leftover hst’s from Jewel Box Flambe leader/ender
My first customer longarm job, read more about this on my last past.

I am off this morning to an early start, which will probably parlez into a nap later.  I am looking forward to a nice, leisure Sunday.  May you enjoy your as much as I will enjoy mine.  Happy Sunday, and thank you for reading my blog!

One thought on “No March Lion!

  1. I sew all my HST leftovers as leader enders, and once I finish these next two W quilt tops, I may have to see what I have. Some of them are really small, but there has to be a way to use them in a border a I think! Your baby quilt is a lovely color combo!

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