TOGA! 2019 Texas

Toga, short for Treadle on Gathering Academy, has come to a close.  I will have to wait a WHOLE year for it to come back around.  Surrounded by like minded people, having a passion for old sewing machines, led to great, easy conversation, the pass of knowledge, the successes of repair and maintainence, and fun and laughter.

This year there were some new faces and enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories, as well as seeing friends from last years Toga.  I am not sure where to start, it was much to take in, regurgitate and capture text with the essence of this event.

I suppose I will go a picture at a time.

Operation Classroom Placemat, Dorise taught us how to take a placemat and turn it into a purse organizer, a storage project pouch, a mini wallet, Zipper bag….and I know I am forgetting some.  Since the edges are already finished on a placemat, her tutorial was a clever easy project to make ordinary, extrodinary!  NICE!

This was not the only demonstration, many followed including my toothbrush rug demo. I will get to that in a moment.  But what I want to show you were the vintage sewing machines a girl could easily lust for!!!!  Simply beautiful, works of art, masterpieces of mechanical energy.  Thank you fore fathers for building such a great, long lasting era of product, nothing will ever compare!


There were treadles, hand cranks, and old electrified machines.  Stunning!  I must admit there was something special to admire on each one.  On Sharon’s hand crank machine pictured two above, she had beautiful decals, and my goodness left me wanting her seam guide and a tension stop push button feature (I had never heard of this and was intrigued).  I need to find me one of those, the machine and the seam guide!


A couple of snapshots of a moment in time of those attending from behind the food bar, to front and center.  Hi members!

sewing machine repair undersidesewing machine repaiur

This is why I come to TOGA, all the repair work.  I was amazed they figured out what was wrong with this machine.  For an unknown reason at the beginning it would not pick up the bobbin thread properly, and if I recall correctly would cause the thread to get stuck behind the hook/race mechanism.  Well it is now fixed, and I am in total amazement.  The Doctors figured out that the mechanism was partially missing and broke off.  The amount broke off was not really visible to an untrained eye, a very small piece indeed.  What is even more blessed for this machine and it’s owner, he had a replacement and it is now fixed!  Not an easy repair, but boy howdy, and amazing one if you ask me.


I saw this tumbler sitting on the table, and it was saying cheese big time, so I snapped a photo.  The owner saw me and told me how to get one of these.  She then showed me the ice in it from the day before and said the person who sells these will put the serial number of your singer on it with the date, or your name, which ever you prefer.  Is that not the coolest thing.  To have a 70 year old machine and a matching tumbler?  A nice compliment to any sewing desk by itself as it has a spill proof cap (provided you keep it closed).  The amazement continues!


Lovely gifted items Brough to the raffle table. I will have more details about this as well, so stay tuned!

And additionally, not sure about the amazement of this one, but I did do a toothbrush rug tutorial, big hair and all.  Much laughter about the hair thing in a previous class!  There are no pics as I suppose I could have taken selfies, but that would have been weird…. funny, but weird.  I don’t think any of us were selfie kind of gals, but I could be wrong.  I promised to make more sense of the toothbrush rug and will give links of all the info you need to start a rug, the stitches at the beginning to end.  Plus video links to all the ways to tame the fabric by ripping yards at a time in a fraction of a second.

Here is how to start a rug.

For the great fabric rip click here.  This is also where it shows you formally how to make the amish knot.  Note:  Her strips are ironed, I still refuse to iron stuff for a rug.

Here is another video of ripping and knotting by the rug maker herself Aunt Philly’s, more video perhaps explaining a bit more.

A video showing how to make your own toothbrush rug tool.

And if you are a written instruction kind of person, you can go here and print this off for future reference.  This is how I learned to start the rug.

There is much of Toga I have not shared.  Those will come in my following posts, probably over the weekend when I have time to sit down and edit my photos, so check back often.  If you are afraid you will forget, please subscribe to my blog.  Not sure about that, Bookmark my page and check back often…. site.

In a few other details, I have much to post on the Homefront.  A new kitten photo, tiny critter cuteness.  The drama quilting adventure pictures (I will need to get a video uploaded about longarming that one), and my brick road quilt leader ender that I am currently working on using my 221 featherweight.  Curious to see my previously uploaded youtube videos?  Click here to go to my channel, more will be added each week.

Well I am off to bath filthy children.  Have a great week!  And thanks for reading my blog!

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