Periwinkles are forming

Just in time for full blown spring!  This “UFO” had stalled.  I loved making the blocks, but there was an awful amount of tan, keyword AWFUL!  I was afraid to go fourth.  I was afraid I would run out of tan, and since this solid jelly roll was in my stash for a while, I could not find another.  So it sat in it’s own special little drawer.  Would you like to learn how to make these?  It requires a less than $5 template.  Click here for my tutorial.  This is probably not for a beginner as it has bias edges.


In last weeks post, I said I had ordered a gob of Kaffe Fasset fabric.  These blocks were in the back of my mind during order placement.  The silly thing about this UFO, because the Kaffe jelly roll I was using in this block was called neutral (still colorful earth tones), I was going for as neutral as possible.  That was mistake number one!  Going neutral with Kaffe Fasset fabrics is plain crazy!  (it would be like having ice cream made of soy!  or eating Smeat!)   I am glad to announce all this color in to these blocks as well as into my stash!

I just love the transformation with color and I see a secondary shape now showing itself, a circle where the 4 blocks join!


I am itchin to quilt on Ursa!  My Purple Nolting Machine!

I have only one top left, my good fortune.


I am still brainstorming of what motif I should quilt into it.  I purchased a new pantograph and am pleased with this design.  The reason I purchased it, it accommodates 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch passes.  I went for the 6 for my brick road quilt top.  After cutting these pantos apart I came across the very end which shows a medallion of the panto design.  I took some measurements and may go this route while quilting Good Fortune.

So this new panto got some table time on my frame and I finished quilting the Brick Road quilt.  In between passes, I did just a smidge of free motion echoing.  For those of you who longarm, do you mix up free motion with your pantos?  I really like being at the head of my quilting machine, not at the rear.

b rickroadquilted2

Here is a pass of the pants I guess this is like a tree with hearts at the bottom.  As you can see I echo around their tree tops.


The quilting above does not show up that well, but this pattern does not take away from the design of the top, so it is a good one to go with in future quilts.

Here is the backing, I chose a light pink thread which blended nicely in all the color on the quilt.


Because I only have one quilt left to quilt, there may be some UFO finishes.  I have my embroidered block quilt in mind and some fabric was just released that will go beautifully with it, and will be inquiring about that fabric at my LAQS.

I am in no hurry to finish with the binding of Brick Road.  I am currently enjoying the sweet success of the periwinkles in full color!  No goals for the coming week.

I did dream of fabric last night, that was a first.  This is how it went.  I was at work and they called all of the groups separately to have a luncheon.  Low and behold, on our plates, instead of food was wonderful precuts of layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm squares, delicious!  It was a local designer and for her to come out at my job was amazing because what I do for a living has nothing to do with fabric LOL.  I recall my boss being there and no so thrilled there was not any food.  In error, I walked away from my dining spot and when I went to return, the whole she-bang had been cleaned up.  I had failed to grab my precuts.  I was very down that this happened.  I was surrounded in a room full of people who do not quilt, and the one quilter in the room failed to get the fabric.

I overheard the cleanup waiters.  They said they were keeping only the charm packs, the rest was going into the trash.  So I walked away with several charm pack they gave me, but still kicking myself I failed to get what was important to me.

I suppose this is a lesson in life.  I do take my hobby very seriously.  I mean seriously enough to serve cereal for supper, or fail to cook at all, feigning tiredness.  But in reality, I just want to sew with no interruptions.  I should start paying more attention to my girls.  They fight for my attention anymore and I do not want them to feed off affection of others, but at the same time I need to learn the right amount to give them without spoiling them.

Now that things are ramping down in the quilting dept, things are going at a more relaxed different pace.  I hope one day my girls will look around at the mass of quilts they inherit and remember me fondly of that process and not me yelling at them for touching things they shouldn’t or running the foot pedal on the sewing machine, me yelling at them for their ignorance/innocence.  Before I know it, they will be gone, all grown, much like the layer cakes and jelly rolls in my dream.

I posted a recipe on my other blog  It is a recipe for perfectly tired feet, a foot soak.  I also included some other uses.  If you are interested click here.

Well, I guess I will wrap up by saying thank you for reading my blog!

2 thoughts on “Periwinkles are forming

  1. How old are your girls? My solution was to give Daughter a sewing kit and her own box of fabric, buttons, thread, floss, fiberfil, etc to do whatever she wanted with (age 3-4). We worked together sometimes, and sometimes she would bring me creations I had no idea she was working on. When people see her work now they say I mentored her, but the fact is that she pushed me. I had to try to stay ahead.

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