Dream Big and a New Quilt Top

This week I finally was able to finish quilting the Dream Big Panel.  Thanks Mom for that purchase, it was good practice.  I still have not had time to bind, but it sure felt good to stitch!  I scratched that itch.


I only had two matching threads, so for the center and a bit outward I used teal.  For the remainder I used lavender.  There is just the right amount of contrast.  I hope to get this bound in the coming week.

Additionally I uploaded a new video while I was quilting.  It is another short video, but I did not think to just show you feathers and feathers, and more feathers.  I feathered this whole thing.  Click here to see the short video.  For those of you wanting to expand your skill set, learning feathers is not hard, it just takes practice.   A panel of any kind that you have no piecing work in, is PERFECT opportunity to learn or practice a new idea or technique.

Today was my E-Stitcher’s sewing workshop.  I got to visit with all my sewing Buddys from the past few years.  That was the best part.  Even better than that, I got to meet up Mellisa from TOGA.  She was the lucky girl who received a 301 free and they got it going for her.

sewing machine repaiur

We had a very pleasant conversation.  I suppose I need to get out more and “NETWORK” with my fellow sewing companions.  Coversation enjoyable with all,  friends accompaniment perfectly great, and a quilt top at the end of the day…..a very good day indeed!

12 of us came together.  Each of us brought 60 charm size fabrics to swap with each other.  So I brought 60 fabrics and got 55 back that were not mine which made for a very scrappy event.  First we sewed them into a 9 patch.  We were told to supply 48 neutrals.  I chose black for my neutrals since I had so many handy after making Good Fortune.

I laid the 4 corner blocks of the 9 patch as black.  Then in the outer 4 remaining I used the prints from the swap.  The center was a bit more neutral fabric than the surrounding blocks.  Once we got that sewn together, you bisect the block across and down.  And then you have fun with your layout.  The disappearing nine patch technique.

Today was the first time I have ever tried webbing.  I did have a snafu with that.  One of the blocks twisted causing a non pattern event in the center, but this is certainly scrappy and the seam ripper will rest.

This measures just about 40 by 56.  I will certainly be adding something to this for a border, but nothing is coming to mind now.  I will wait for my brain to dream of what to do.


As you see the black fabrics I have are LOUD which makes this certainly help the scrappy look.  I heard some in this workshop commenting they did not like how their fabrics were coming together and deemed it kind of ugly.  I hope they change their minds.  Scrappy quilts are grass roots Americana.  Every blasted piece of fabric was saved to keep someone warm at night for years to make it to quilt status back in the early days, hand stitched at that.  When one uses scraps, spending no money, it is kind of like Dolly Parton’s  Coat of many Colors.  Many memories in every stitch.  Now my fabrics that have the memories will be stitched into someone else’s quilt.  It was fun standing at the ironing board, and those standing next to me finding the fabrics they brought.  Like an “I spy” quilt too!

Because I used black fabrics in this, it kind of reminds me of the old crocheted granny square blankets.  Full of vibrant colors, lovingly stitched together.

Once again I am not setting any goals, but I still need to curb my quilting appetite.  I need to see what Mom has to keep me busy.  Now that all my sewing area is organized and clean, perhaps I will start on the t-shirt quilt.  All up in the air with no demands.

Life is busy, May is already gone, and the first day of June is coming to a close.  Wowsa time flies!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!

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