Get down, Boggie, oogie, oogie!

I am in the fast lane, with the pedal to the floor, zooming through my goals set for the week.  This song suddenly popped into my head!  A lovely earworm for you to sing in your head while sewing!….Urban dictionary defines earworm as “song stuck in your head” lol!


  • Good Fortune backing sewn….check!
  • Sleeve for rolling pin sewn…..check!
  • Tshirt quilt, shirts pressed, cut, sewn, and now bordered into a top…..check!  Backing fabric ready!


  • 4 patch blades are moving under the foot, a nice stack now ironed ready to mate with others…..check!
  • Backing for the D9P…..I love the backing fabric selected for this, but the piece is not big enough.  Other fabrics in my stash pale in comparision, so I will have to make a trip to my LAQS….still on the todo list.

I have the urge to quilt.  Didn’t happen tonight, sheduling conflict for Wednesday…..Thursday and Friday here I come!

May music stave off the midweek blahs, and boost your sewing superpowers!  Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog!


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