Black Cohosh Life

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In the last few cool, rainy months, it has been impossible for my hair to be dry.  Normally in my routine, my hair is washed daily, twisted up into a bun, and the air conditioning at work slowly sucks the moisture out.  Lately when I take it down at night, it is still very wet.  My hair is down to my waist line and very thick.  The only thing changing in the last few months was lots of rain which is why I thought my hair was not drying.  And then it happened.  Life is starting to make changes for me.  They are natural changes, and I am excited about these changes.

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So what happened?  While at work sitting at my desk, looking through a microscope, I felt a rush of heat start in my chest and slowly rise to the top of my head, and then it was gone.  A heat sensation rising within, I could feel the natural blush form on my face with this event.  My first hot flash.

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And then I got to thinking… this why my hair is not drying?  When you have thick, long, wet hair and twist it into a bun, it takes longer to dry.  Add rain, hinders more drying.  Add a bit of movement in muggy conditions with a fur coat on your head, it is gonna sweat.

Yup, sweat was happening and I only noticed it with vacuuming in the hot house, I would just pour in sweat.  Hum….I guess it is happening.  My body rains uncontrollably.

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So back when I had the hives and was on a boat load of steroids, I started sweating bad in the night.  I mentioned this to my coworkers.  They thought This was hormonal imbalance, and it was, but not for the reason they thought.  They advised black cohosh, a natural way to achieve a higher level of estrogen when you have sudden dips.  Back then I bought a bottle, never took any.

And then my hair not drying, and the one hot flash, the mood swings, I have started taking it.  I did not take it for a few days, and then last night I got really angry, of three different ink pens not one would write.  Frustration levels high, pens thrown away, black cohosh orally, I feel better today.  I woke up with a dry head of hair, got a good nights sleep, and worry about my attitude towards things that don’t go as planned.

I think god made this plan for women on purpose.  In a timeline, you hit this new time in your life about the time you have teenagers.  This gives you the rage and fury to deal with them….nurture mom gone, mean mom ….. yikes!

The week started out marvelous and ended in a funk.  I will be discussing the end to my long hair as I have hated it for years, but I keep it that way because one person in the world likes it.

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So the good start to the week and a funky end also was the case for my sewing and quilting.  Lots of progress and good healthy sewing.  Lots of quilting that started well, and then stalled with a major tension problem all of a sudden, and a new love/hate relationship with the seam ripper.


Goals met:

  • Tshirts pressed, trimmed, sewn into a top
  • Backing for good fortune sewn
  • Backing for D9P not sewn as it seems my local area quilt shop….I bought the whole bolt of fabric to back good fortune, I had bought all they had….sold out forever.  Brainstorming what to do about this…*sigh*
  • Start quilting the D9P did not happen as I did not have backing.
  • Sew some leader ender 4 patch diamonds

Goals exceeded:

  • Start quilting the tshirt quilt
  • made a slip cover for the rolling pin

This weeks goals:

  • Finish quilting and binding of tshirt quilt
  • start quilting good fortune
  • Sew some more leader ender 4 patch diamonds
  • Accuquilt some more fabric for opposite blades  for the 4 patch diamonds
  • Demonstrate video  how to use the seam ripper properly for quicker rip-out results
  • Come up with a new plan for the D9P quilt top.

I seems like I have ranted here….*sigh*…….sorry.  But I hope I have communicated at least one thing you can use as a take away.  Thank you for putting up with this and reading my blog!





3 thoughts on “Black Cohosh Life

  1. Black cohosh? I’ll be checking that out. I have my hot flashes pinpointed now. Any time I eat, drinking my morning coffee, and every three hours during the night. They cycle from me removing covers in my sleep or waking up just enough to deal with it, to waking up and dripping. Thankfully those only happen every 4-6 weeks. I feel your pain, literally!


  2. Rant on, dear, we your faithful followers empathize! I rant often, myself, but mostly just mentally since only two cats are home to listen, and I try not to scare them with my outbursts. My mood swings, irritation, memory loss and impatience have markedly increased since my gynecologist took me off my (quite low dose) of hormones “because of your age” she said, and which I am still raging about. Grr growl….
    And though I don’t often comment here, I always enjoy your blog posts, even (or especially!) the rants.


  3. Oh I can so relate! I have thick shoulder length hair and when I get hot flashes it’s like I have a mink sitting on my head! I have a small handheld fan I carry everywhere – it’s a life saver! I’ll put the link here in case you or your readers are interested (no affiliation)
    I tried black cohosh but unfortunately it did not work for me – low dose HRT worked but I only stayed on it for 3 years, I was worried about all the possible side effects! So now I just try to take the flashes in stride and pray they will go away some day!!

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