The end of June

The end of June is here, whoa!  Pulling up my reins to try to slow down life!  This year is flying by.  With June coming to and end, that only means one thing, The begining of July, naturally.

Cramming as much as I can into a week seems futile, but we all muster on, making as much as we can with the time that we have.

I have done well with this 100 mph week.  Setting of an actual goal has helped me so much.  Some weeks you just don’t get them done, but most of the time I meet or exceed my expectations.

Last week’s goals:

  • Finish quilting and binding of tshirt quilt (binding still needs to happen)
  • start quilting good fortune (Good Fortune is quilted)
  • Sew some more leader ender 4 patch diamonds.  (Done)
  • Accuquilt some more fabric for opposite blades  for the 4 patch diamonds (Done)
  • Demonstrate video  how to use the seam ripper properly for quicker rip-out results (Done)
  • Come up with a new plan for the D9P quilt top (Done)

I have managed a snippet of video on how to rip out quilting while it is on the longarm.  I share this as I struggled doing it the wrong way.  The wrong way can make a shredded mess of bits of thread.  My method is easy, fast, with no little bits of thread.  And yes, that is me in the southern drawl voice!  Oh gosh, I hope you will not need to turn on closed captioning to know what I am saying!?@

For those of you who knew right off the bat how to do this, kudos.  These are the little things in life.  🙂

Also I have briefly filmed quilting on a meander/ large stipple on the Tshirt quilt.


Good Fortune was loaded and the quilting is done!  I chose a pantograph pattern that was in a 4 inch row format.  That went around the outer border, cornering the same outward direction all around.  The same panto also had the same design I used in row quilting as a medallion.  I did this medallion within the stars.  I free motioned in the opposing blocks.  In between the black and blue border where no panto happened I free motion small stipple to fill the gap.

good fortune quilting medallion

I hope I did not over quilt it as I want to use this and be warm!  I chose black thread, because I really wanted the piecing to show and not the quilting.  I was a bit afraid of choosing the wrong design and ruining the beautiful top.

good fortune

A tad of new 4 patch leader enders have emerged from the opposite cuts in the Accuquilt.  Here is a small amount of blades laid out as well as a larger ensemble.

A new plan was stitched for the D9P.  A new photo opportunity will happen this weekend.  Stay tuned.


I ran the squiggle lines all the same going around the quilt.  In other words I trimmed 7 inch strips going with the grain for the full yardage which was the perfect size for this job.   In each corner of the quilt I placed the only 4 orphans leftover from making the D9P blocks.  This now measures 66 X 66.  I do not have the right backing fabric for this.  I would like to have a large floral on black or a geometric design on black for the backing.  Although my options are wide open.  I suppose I could go pink on the back, or blue, or teal with a pop of even more a color.

A visit with my LAQS will probably help this one along.  I am crossing my fingers the right one comes along with the right price.  🙂

A busy week, a productive week, and as all of us are, ready for the weekend!  Here I come Saturday and Sunday!  Whew!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


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