Good Fortune Completed!

It all started on Black Friday 2018.  The first clue.  I opted for my neutrals to be black.  I sewed meagerly until the revel in Jan 2019.  And then I sewed like the dickens!

First it was fabric selection.

Then the clues:

And finally I sewed all the clues and caught up at the end of Feb.  Top done.  Now awaiting the perfect backing.  Eventually found, and quilted with a panto around the edge as well as the stars with the same panto as a medallion.

And the final product!

good fortunegood fortune 2

This is probably the prettiest quilt I have ever made.  Glad I went cheddar!  Glad for all those glorious pieces.  The borders really make the quilt.  I look forward to this years mystery.  You know I have participated three years now doing the Bonnie Hunter Mysteries.  Each year I learn something new.  This year I learned all about contrast!

Each year all the clues are broken down into 4 patches, HST’s, flying geese, and TST’s.  A gob of them pieces each week, sewing madly, blindly, having faith what you are doing is right.  And then it all comes together and you are soooooo glad you trusted in another quilter’s knowledges as right before your eyes you have a real, true, work of textile art.  This is one that I want to use everyday, but I want to save it forever as a keepsake.  Good Fortune will wrap it’s loving arms around many loved ones in it’s lifetime, that is what it is all about!

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