Dreaming Big and A Thrifty Score

I try to hit the thrift shops once a week.  I have found that certain days are better for finding stuff I need or want.  This week, after digging through the craft boxes under the infant tables I found a bag of scrap fabric.  Upon closer inspection, they were strings!  Some sewn!  The colors of hunter green burgundy, and mauve all reminisce of a time not too far back in the 90s.

This will become something some day.

And a few weeks back I finished the dream big panel.  Had not gotten a good time for photo op, that finally happened.  Got to practice my feather work.  Not perfect, but perfect enough to use.

dream big

dream big 1

The backing for this finally finished up the bolt.  I have had this awhile and glad it has been reduced to scraps.  My thread did not match well, but I kind of like the contrast.  Lavender and teal thread.

dream big 2

I am going to have 9 quilts this year for our annual Quilt Hop.  I bet I will never come close to that number in the future.  (All though there was that year where oodles of babies caused me to have 16 quilts, lots smaller ones.  Since those were gifts they were not shown at the hop)

I still have the D9P to quilt.  Still looking for a backing.  Still brainstorming on my quilting options.  A bit of work left to do in the next three weeks.

In the mean time, I probably need to shift my focus on some UFOs.  My project shelves are cleared of much.  Those UFO’s remain.  I need to pick one and stick with it, overcome the hurdles in my mind and just sew.

Do any of you get that way?  You come to a point where it is not new and shiny as projects go and you lose interest?  I have become this way in the last few years.  I think it is because of pinterest dangling the carrots of beautiful masterpiece quilts that so inspire.  Lovely eye candy out there, it seems to have unfocused me a bit.  I need to get my focus back.

Well I am off to do the motherly deeds of the evening.  Have a fantastic week and thanks for reading my blog!

One thought on “Dreaming Big and A Thrifty Score

  1. I hear you with those projects that need a kick in the pants. I have been languishing on the the 2 BOM’s I’ve been working on. One is still ongoing, but the other finished, and I’ve been procrastinating!


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