Alone Star! Anniversary ~ Tutorial

Wholly Toledo!  I just celebrated my 3rd WordPress Blog-iversary!  Jeeze in the three years I have made many quilts.  I will have to do a recap soon.

My Lone Star 4 patches are coming along, and I got the itch to stitch them together.  I learned a few things and thought I would do a tutorial to capture the moment for those interested in mastering Y-seams.


Notice the two blocks above right sides together stitched starting at the center point, stopping short about a 1/4 inch at the other end.  This is key to Y-seam success.


Next at the point of stitching end and where the two halves come together at the point, fold back one 4 patch out of the way to prep for the next step.


Pin square block to 4 patches at seam fold back, matching the three points.


Stitch. Ensure the start point of stitching starts 1/4 inch from the raw edges.


Here is the seam without the machine in the way.  Notice the stitching begins at 1/4 inch in.  Do not back stitch at anytime.  This process may require to remove a stitch and back stitching would make that more difficult.


Now ensure that your raw edges are in alignment on the next side  Pin, then stitch.


Here is the flip side of the block.  Imagine the purple edge nearest the bottom of the photo.  That is what you stitch next.  The opposite side of the Y.


Again take special care to not stitch that first 1/4 inch.


After stitching both sides of the Y clip the seam bulk, near side and far side.  The middle is the orange, do not clip the orange.  This will require you to fold parts out of the way while carefully trimming.


Far side is now trimmed too.


Press seam open.  I finger press all seams on the star as they are all bias.  I do not want to distort those stretchy edges.


Press the orange as shown above. Repeat this process for each Y.  Incidentally I have made big squares for the smaller Y’s.  When pressing at the end, I find this more forgiving.


Sew two star quadrants.


Ensure you repeat the 1/4 inch stop at the Y.


Finger press open.


To bulk down this seam and to remove a mountain forming, I have clipped the raw edge at the seam.  This helps a lot!


Fold back at the Y and place a larger orange square.




Then stitch.  You will come to the square overage from the first 4 Y seam.


Trim with scissors approximately flush with other raw edge.


On the flip side repeat, ensuring that the other 4 patch is folded out of the way.  Mind your 1/4 start at the Y.


Press square completely flat.  Remember right now you are only finger pressing.


Repeat for the other half.


Join halves and now join two more large corner orange squares.  (and laundry is almost done, HA!)


Press….start at the outside of the block and work your way in.  If the center becomes a mound, spray starch on the mound and press out the mound.  Press …..DO  NOT IRON… there is a difference.


You are now ready to trim.  I use two sides at a time to trim, coming out from my star points 1/4 inch.  Move ruler to the other two sides and square up the block.  Notice my larger squares are in the corner.  If you turn the block and place the smaller squares in the corner it sets the block on point and cuts the block smaller.  (ask me how I know :)!)


One side is off a bit but this is a true square.


So now do I sew them together on point?  Or in rows.  I will be making more blocks and then make that decision.

This Alone Star is coming right along.


Used the parallelogram die from accuquilt to cut the pieces.

The large squares are 5 inch, the smaller ones are 4 1/2 inches

Thread used for piecing is 50 wt.  If you use thicker thread, it can affect your angles and mess up your seam allowance.  Adjust accordingly.

I gave a tutorial on sewing the 4 patches together if you are interested to see those notes, click here

Well that wraps things up for the week.  My goals for the upcoming week:

  • Create more scrappy Alone Star blocks
  • Backing purchased for D9P and that will need to be sewn.  I aim to quilt that next.  I will do a geometric square pattern and will upload a video of how that is done in the coming week.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading my blog!

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