D9P Quilted

This disappearing 9 patch was pure joy to make from start to finish!  Precut friendly, easy, quick!  I highly recommend this pattern to all experience levels.

I went scrappy with mine, but you could go any way you like!  My neutrals are very busy blacks and I love the loud combinations with color.

The color combinations I chose reminds me of the old granny square afghans that are found on the backs of many couches.


I quilted this in teal thread.  I was going to go black thread but realized just a tad extra of color is not going to take away from this busy quilt.  I went with squares and rectangles in a nice free motion forgiving geometric pattern.  Sorry no video as I have a hard enough time drawing a straight line let alone quilting one free hand.


I also dug deep into the stash and did some panel quilting on an old vest fabric.  This is an excellent way to practice free motion feathers.  No video of this because of the thread matching so well, it would not show up on camera.


I managed to sew one more Alone Star.  This week is slated for binding of one last quilt to put into the Quilt Hop here in town.


I did not meet much of my quilty goals.  It was a week of extra driving and allowing others to take up much of my time.  That is over with, and as a result, have greater peace of mind.  A wonderful way to start the weekend, or any day….with piece of mind Quilty style.

Linking up with Julie, The Crafty Quilter, for the work in progress on my disappearing 9 patch.


Thanks for stopping in, would love to hear from you in the comment section!

4 thoughts on “D9P Quilted

  1. I love the border and backing fabric you have put with the D9P! I also love that you have already quilted yours! I am looking for inspiration on how to quilt mine…so far, I am thinking a clam shell design, but I like you have finished your version!

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  2. I could not figure how to enter my quilt so I sent you an email. Would you please enter it for me? Not sure what email I used. Please let me know if you got it.


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