Snuck out!

Today I snuck out of work early to feast my eyes on quilts all over town for the quilt hop.  There were some true beauties.  I am disappointed how the quilts were displayed as most were not hung to show all of their beauty.  Kinda let the wind out of my sails as I was anticipating getting good pictures of flat camera viewing the whole quilt.  Nonesuch will happen as a result as to how they were hung.  *sigh*  Quilt respect for all please!

So tomorrow I will enjoy my demo and workshop and put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the sounds and hugs from those I do not know and those I do.

Very little stitching happened this week.  I have almost got binding complete on the vest.  I have the armholes to go.  For it being dated fabric, I am liking how it is turning out!


And I finally replaced my old omnigrid ruler 6 X 24.  I have had this ruler since about 1998.  During the last two mystery quilts of Bonnie Hunters shown below (both of which are at the Quilt hop now), I kept running into problems with cutting.  Nothing I was doing wrong, but when I used my simple folded corners ruler, it kept telling me I was NOT cutting a straight line.

For those of you who have an oldish ruler in your arsenal, please stand it up on its narrow edge.  If it no longer rests all the way across the flat surface, you have slowly chiseled your ruler’s cutting edge to have a bow which flubs up the cutting no matter how careful.

I repurposed my omnigrid though.  I cut it down and drilled a hole in it and now the side I never used to cut with is my seam guide that I can easily install on most of my machines.  YAY! TIMES 2!  And it looks like my featherweight is in need of a good wax job.


While at the hop I also took advantage of some fat quarters for a buck!  Thank you Rose!


Now that this has all been planned and only one day left till it is all over, I am certain I will be back at my machine stitching more of these, which is my current project.


I am also certain I will have a story to tell about someone I met or some new gizmo to pass on to you.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!  Wholly Cow August is almost here!  And thank you for reading my blog!

3 thoughts on “Snuck out!

  1. We didn’t see you at the senior center. We have quite a few quilts hanging there and I think they look pretty good. Many are hanging and some are o. Tables due to how little wall space we have. Hope to see you tomorrow.


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