The Quilt Hop

Today has been a whirlwind from 3:30 AM until just now, first time I have really got to sit down for an extended period of time.  Juggling laundry, sewing, quilt hoping, demonstration, and workshop.  Whew!  A success I do believe, I made it HAHA.

Here are a just a sampling of quilts at the armory.  I wish I had more time as I would have loved to share them all with my readers.

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For those of you who attended the tatting workshop, thank you for being such a crowd!  I love that there are still those who want to know.  I will have to plan something else because trying to teach 10 tatters at a time is hard.  I will say this, everyone did a marvelous job.

Now onto the tatting specifics, for those of you who have been tatting for a bit, go to the local library and see if they have any books.  They are probably full of patterns.  Most shuttles with the hook on the end that are plastic will have a pattern on the back so you can make earrings.

Here are some links for those interested in taking your tatting to a further level or if you just want to refine what you learned today.  In about two weeks if you just sit and tat while the tv is on, my guess is you will have more fluidity and it will become more graceful.

Frivole on Youtube click this link.  She is so graceful!

The person who taught me to tat Gina Butler, her gift just keeps on giving, click here to see her youtube channel.

And lastly wonderfully talented Georgia Seitz on youtube.  She will teach every maneuver you need to know.

I currently do not have any tatting videos as I think I will leave that to the pros.  But please check out my youtube channel for some free motion quilting ideas that you can use on either the longarm or the regular sewing machine.  My Quilt Projects is my channel name, click this link.

I had a large crowd at the free motion quilting demonstration, thank you everyone!  People were very eager to absorb as much information as they could, lots of questions.  Probably still more questions.  I know one person in particular is wanting oodles of information about how to select the right quilting machine before she makes the purchase.  I will have to do a follow up post on my pros and cons of differences of sit down and stand up quilting machines as well as throat space and size (all opinion based on what is right for me).  This will continue in another post.  If you have questions now, leave your question in the comments sections I certainly will answer it.

I do not want the art of tatting to die nor quilting.  Quilting is a big insurgent right now and I am less worried about that.  But most who have tatted have passed on.  This was something done 50+ years ago by old people LOL.

The vendors at the hop….they got into my pockets!  I ended up with a few fat quarters and jelly roll, and a crocheted dish towel that is already hanging on the cabinet under the sink.  I needed the dishtowel as mine is becoming a rag.  Did I need to add to my stash?  I plead the 5th!

The jelly roll however has not made it to the stash, it is already raced up into a top.  I did this while doing some laundry.  Thank you Rose for making this happen.  It turned out beautiful!  Rose probably still has these for sale for only $20.  Can you say bargain?


I am writing this post, dotting my eyes and crossing my t’s,  and then heading into the kitchen to make some tacos.  That sounds so good right now as I am running on empty!  Interested in my recipe?  Visit my other blog, or click here.

After the baths tonight for the children, I cannot wait to sink into the couch and become comatose!

Thank you everyone for a successful quilt hop!  There are some beautiful quilts in this county, I am sad to see them go.

And thanks for reading my blog!


3 thoughts on “The Quilt Hop

  1. I have my Grandmother’s Ivory tatting shuttle and learned to make a row of picots but never learned what to do with them!!! Thanks for keeping the craft alive!!

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