81 Patch

This week was a whirlwind.  Refreshing to be so busy, but realizing there is not enough time in the day!

Work has been two timing me, can you believe that?  They expect twice the output, but still only give me one salary and no overtime or extra time to get it done!  I think I touched over 200 items in the last two weeks, building from start to finish.  Each day slinking closer to the due date, each day in disbelief that I will accomplish what is needed.  Each day taking lots of vitamin B to keep me a little less comatose, putting an extra bounce in each step.

The week has finally come to a close.  My energy depleted and so ready for my batteries to become more than just half charged.  Thank you weekend, I can really count on you.  You are there for me every week, always ready, here it comes!

My goals from last weekend’s post, I did not get to them in their entirety.  I am ok with that, as I am very close.

Goals from last week:

  • Stay cool (not perfectly executed, but good enough)
  • Take video of the Chandelier Quilt being quilted free motion style. (done)
  • Finish quilting the chandelier quilt (very close)
  • Start sewing a border for the Kaffe Fasset periwinkles quilt (done)

Here is the video:

Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  This is Quilted To Death…..some quilt more than this, but for me, this is the biggest quilting job I have done on my longarm.  I estimate I will have more than 6 but less than 8 hours.


This border is all I lack.  It will be feathers and am sooooo ready to try out my new ruler base and ruler!

You probably do not know this, but I walk to quilt.  Meaning, my machine is offsite, and walking is good for me.  When I walk, I see this odd tree root everyday.  This old tree’s root grew until it hit the sidewalk and then curved back into itself.  A freaky thing in nature, but oddities are what make life interesting, eh?

tree roots

The Kaffe Fasset Periwinkles, improv style!

periwinkles 2

And because I have no projects on my table now, I moved back to brainstorming about the Stars upon Thars quilt blocks with the 64 patch blocks.  I squared up those blocks, and they ended up being about two inches shy of star block size.  I got out some fabrics, and auditioned them to be used as a border sash around those blocks I squared up.  It looked horrible.  Then I thought perhaps I can shadow around two sides like an illusion quilt block.  Nope, the offset of the block just distracted the eye.  Then I thought I could make a scrappy border…then it hit me, just sew more squares on two sides of this block.  And that worked, and I will still have to trim these about an 1/8 of an inch.

I pulled some old fabrics from my stash that were already cut into squares, 6 and 4 inches.  I then cut them down to two inches.  The fabrics blend nicely.  This is way better than what my original idea.

81 patches

A stack of three done here, un-ironed.  These were kinda neat and has got me to thinking about possibilities with more of these in a different quilt with negative space in between.  Shoot, dreaming of something before I have this something done!  Whoa, pull in the reins, or else another UFO sighting!  LOL!

My goals for the upcoming week:

  • Stay Cool
  • Finish quilting Chandelier quilt
  • Finish the 81 patches
  • Start assemblage of the star and 81 patches
  • Play with my ruler base and ruler

Well, let’s see what life throws at me in the coming week.  I certainly hope it is more mundane than it has been.  Looking forward to Labor day and the three day weekend.  Can you believe that is only one week away?  Feeling better already……*sigh*

I’m off to relax and enjoy a different pace, have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog!





Periwinkles Kaffe Fasset Style!

A neutral Kaffe Fasset quilt?  Nope….turns out, that is impossible!  The parchment jelly roll is finally consumed, purchased during a sale, impossibly matching anything.  Until I realized, it is not about matching, but about contrast.  A neutral solid against any Kaffe Fasset fabric is going to pop marvelously.


This started as a neutral Kaffe Fasset jelly roll.  It was kinda of blah.  It needed color.  And I enjoyed adding the different negative blocks to the ones I had already sewn.  Sadly, this was started back in Oct of 2018.  It sat on my work table, from then, through Ringo Lake, all the quilts bound (Qty 15).

So, by changing the negative space in the block and reversing it to the periwinkle, it added just the right pop of color.  What a difference!


As a quilter, I despise math and figuring out what size HSTs to make to go round as a border, hate it!  So to prevent my brain from overheating in the Texas High Temperatures, I just sewed what I had laying on my table.  I had many pieces cut from 5 inches to 3 1/4 inches.  Without measuring I just started sewing them together.  A scrappy border, easy, less going into the scrap bin or the trash too.  Then I added a strip of negative space.  And then what?


I still had all of these pieces of the Kaffe fabric.  So I continued on.  My first thought was to make a braid border.  But, because all my pieces were various sizes I scrapped that idea, and decided to make a seminole style border.  Since I do no like math, I made 4 seminole pieces sides, and then sewed some Kaffe fabric wild print on each end, some what centered it, and sewed this border to all 4 sides.

This left me back to bias edges.  I wanted to have a non-stretchy edge.  So another trip around the border with neutral negative space.

periwinkles 2

And again, this is un-ironed due to excessive 100 degree days.  The grass was very spikey and dry needing a drink of water which really makes the edges look wonky.  I still need to trim the corners of the last border.  This ended up being about a twin size,  across the narrow part of the bed, but the length is a bit short.  I have short people in the house so this will work fine for us.

I have surpassed one of my goals for the week.  My goal was to figure out something for the borders, and I got them all sewn, yes!

Now I will be off to get a video of quilting my Mom’s quilt currently on the frame.  I have been procrastinating just hoping for a 10 degree cooler day.  I guess I will just have to sweat.   There is probably no avoiding this…..

black close up dark dew
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

on the longarm

Wiping my brow, and will work until the weekend.  Thank goodness for air conditioning and quilting!  May your week be comfortable!  And thank you for reading my blog!



And the winner is……

This week has been hot.  Much too hot.  How to stay cool on a hot day?  Have a nice southerly afternoon by eating watermelon and having a bowl of home made ice cream after supper.  Crank the AC way down, and enjoy it as much as possible.

A lot of pee-diddly-squat happened this week.  High temperatures do that to me, how about you?

I managed to quilt a bit more on Mom’s quilt.  Took a video of feathers on the border, and apparently I did not hit the RECORD button, can you believe that?  Tonight while uploading photos I went to upload the video, and it was not there.  I guess I pushed the wrong button.  This is still a goal and will do that the next time.  I am 3/4 done.  It is well on it’s way of being QTD, or quilted to death!  LOL

negative space fill

A few months back in talking with other quilty friends, someone asked if I had a chicken wire panto pattern.  I said no, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get one.  Pantos are rather expensive.  So I decided to make one using graph paper.  Got a pattern drawn out, and then got out the roll of freezer paper and traced, and traced, and traced.  Not sure how this will quilt out one day, but would be great for a jelly roll race quilt.  It will keep the quilt nice and lofty.

chicken wire pantograph

I will have to figure out the pattern on how to stitch, but I think I will have to back track a couple of times for a grouping of hexagons.  And no these scissors were not harmed in the making of this panto.  🙂

For months now I have had the Kaffe Fasset Periwinkles sitting on my work table.  They have constantly been in my way, nagging me to proceed.  Well, those are now a top.  I will probably create a strip border with some of the cuts I have still sitting on the table.  It is too hot to iron, so that will either wait until fall when it cools down, or on a rainy day, when the weather is not so danged hot.  Sorry for the wrinkles in my periwinkles!

And now, back to blog business….In my last few posts, I polled readers, and social media followers what layout they liked best.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the winner is…….every other block a star and a 49 patch!

49 patch

I will be trying to figure out how to get the multipatch squares the same size as the stars.  This will require a strip of scrap all the way around.  Probably a neutral of some kind or better yet, perhaps a brown.  (Or maybe I should stitch interfacing wrong sides togther, turn right side out and press onto a neutral square).

I would like to thank all of you for your input!!!  For a while there I thought it was going to be the 9 patch as corner stones in the sashing, but then many voted for this layout.  Those who commented thought these blocks would not get lost in assembly, meaning, you can see with your eye where one block starts and another stops.

Not sure if I will get out the iron this week and try to press these and set them a bit straighter, or if this was done during construction.  I do believe I will set them every other one, on point, so it looks like Falling Stars Upon Thars.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Stay cool
  2. Take video of the Chandalier quilt during quilting and upload video
  3. Finish quilting Chandalier quilt
  4. Start sewing a border for the Kaffe Fasset Periwinkles

Enjoy summer, before you know it, it will vanish into fall.  My goodness time has flown by.  It seems like yesterday was New Years Day.  Time is passing far too quickly.  When one enjoys their days, it tends to go much quicker.  I must be doing a really good job with enjoyment lately.  Life is good.  🙂

Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and views.  Readers, it has been most enjoyable, may it continue, the enjoyment that is, for both of us!

Tatting Jewelry

Pinterest is poison to my pocket book.  Not only can you see eye candy for the quilter’s realm, but all sorts of other crafts.  I learned to tat a bit over a year ago and every now and then it is sooooo relaxing to just sit and tat (especially when it is 100 plus degrees outside).  I can sit and tat and not break a sweat.  I cannot say that for quilting this time of year.

I decided I wanted to tat a ring for my index finger.  I only wear one ring, it is 10k gold and was purchased for me by my aunt and uncle.  The money left over from my grandparents estate bought the ring.  It has a large amethyst (already knocked out the original and had it replaced for $10) surrounded by a blue sapphire and another smaller amethyst.  These are the birthstones of my grandparents and me.  I treasure this ring, and have worn it every day (minus the days getting the stone replaced) for the last 18 years.  The gold is starting to wear very thin.  All the work I do with my hands is slowly eroding it away.  That is life.

In deciding to make a ring from tatting, I played with an idea I saw on pinterest.  I tried it, and I failed.  I made it way to big and my chains made it not fit snuggly.

tatting ringa

Because this was made with number 10 thread, the measurement from chain to chain was too much for my finger, and both ends flared out like a skirt.  Too big.

tatting ringb

I will retry this again, but using the pattern I came up with at a later time.  I did have success with this.

tatting ring

If I would have made all my closed rings the same size I would have run into, the too big problem again, so one of the closed rings is smaller, and cleverly turned to the palm of my hand.

4 p 3 p 3 p 4 close ring

reverse work, chain 4 double stitches

reverse work

next ring would join the previous ring on the last picot.

4 (join) 3 p 3 p 4 close ring


the closed rings will be determined by your finger size.

The last ring will join the first and last picot.

4 (join) 3 p (join) 4 close ring

reverse work

and stitch 4 double stitches.

tie off your ends and stitch them into the previous work to hide the ends.  Snip ends and add a little fray chek or elmers glue.

Tatting got me to thinking, I could tat my threads around my gold ring to help preserve the gold band and keep it from wearing.  Wear the threads away and replace.

The only thing to get used to is not getting the ring wet.  Never wearing a cloth ring before I never thought about this, and will have to remember to remove it before I wash my hands.

Onto quilty stuff, the longarm is loaded and working a quilt for mom.  This pattern is called the chandelier pattern.  Her colors are beautiful!  And I am having fun quilting it.  Trying something new in all that negative space.  Not shown are the feather borders.

on the longarm

I am not halfway yet on this quilt, so perhaps I will get an upload to my youtube channel showing this technique with a camera tutorial.

Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog!


Fabric dollars and cents

Amassing the stash, ahhhhhh.  Doesn’t it feel good to purchase fabric?  Like most quilters, we do like to buy the pretty stuff and it sits patiently waiting to be used in that perfect project.

A few years back, a friend of my Mother’s had an estate sale.  I just love estate sales!  The idea of buying something utilitarian that I do not already have at a non-new price is very appealing to me.  Mother’s friend was a nice supply of craftyness from sewing machines, embroidery machines, fabric, and fabric rack systems.  I went and ended up with a chair and some bits of fabric.

In particular besides the quilters cotton that I purchased there was this brown textured naugahyde like embossed brown fabric, that I absolutely had to have.  My intention was to make a wallet.

The brown embossed fabric went into the piles of sash.  Later that year, my aunt visited and gave me the Cadillac of all wallets.  She gave me a Necessary Clutch Wallet!  I had always wanted to make one, but after pricing all the stuff to make that happen, I could buy a designer wallet for the price of making one.  Glad I held out, it was a wonderful gift, and I have officially retired it to my sewing stuff as it is sewing themed.  It will hold my rotary cutter, my thread, tatting shuttles, and whatever my little heart desires.  I used it to the point of meeting it’s longevity.  I want to keep it as long as possible, so sadly, it no longer carries my bank (money, change, checkbook, credit cards, and identification).  It only carries fun stuff.

For about year now, I have been wallet-less.  That is no fun!  Nothing is all together, and if you put it all together, it is too much for a zippered coin pouch.  I finally decided enough is enough, and I made another wallet.  I made one, oh about 12 years ago and carried it until the edges were thread bare.  It is now a toy in the children’s toy box.  I really liked that wallet

I kept shopping for wallets, and none had ease of access for some stuff that I wanted to carry.  I could not find a perfect wallet.  So I went and made one, just like the one I made 12 years ago, perfect for me, but this time in different fabrics.

To keep a neutral wallet like appearance, I thought of that embossed naugahyde fabric, and got a little excited as it kind of looks like suede leather.

After an evening, the wallet is done and I am pleased as punch how it turned out.  I probably need to add a button detail.  On my original wallet the button ended up falling off sometime in that decade of use.  Also the velcro quit working, so I opted to skip velcro installation as I knew I would not need it.  I will be digging into the button tins over the weekend to see if I can add just the right touch of class to my wallet.

After just one evening of sewing, I thought I need to make a second and make a tutorial out of it.  I sewed the whole thing with my featherweight, and am so impressed by its brawn of stitching through all of the layers.

Tutorial coming!


The inside of the wallet.  I used up some more of my zippers fabric.  A place for my credit cards and ID.  My homemade alphabitties really came in handy for this pattern.  Start saving your bread ties.


A place for bills.


A secure place for change.


…and the checkbook.


In need of a button?

Yesterday I was able to travel to the Plano Quilt Show.  I did some damage to my wallet at the Nolting booth.  I splurged on a ruler base, a spoon foot (gonna have a tutorial soon on couching with yarn), and a new pantograph!  I was very well behaved the rest of the show.  I deemed not to purchase fabric!  And I did not.  The lines were long, not worth my time.

JoAnn’s was having a sale yesterday, fat quarters for 76 cents!  Got a few new neutral fat quarters, as well as some yardage which was also on sale.


This nice patina shiplap siding fabric is going to be a purse one day.  I have no fuseable batting, or bosal foam.  So this will go into the stash and wait just like the wallet fabric did.


My current purse I am carrying, utilized one charm pack, and has ragged edges.  It has become small.  I never understood those who carried large purses.  Now that I am older, I have come to that understanding.

I will need to make a purse, but first replenish supplies of bosal foam or fusible batting for stiffening power.  Capping the bottom of this shiplap off with the brown naugahyde embossed is very appealing to me, a very nice purse style.  Time sometimes helps the mind sort through all the details.  We shall see when that time arrives.

More Stars Upon Thars voting is happening, have you checked out that post?  Please vote!  I would love to hear your comments.

Today is a day of recuperation and relaxation.  Ending on a supper to fill our bellies and hopefully some home made ice cream.

Stay cool in the throws of summer!  Til next time!  And thank you for reading my blog!

New Stars Upon Thars Options

Voting results just in!  The winner was determined to be with sashing by a 39% margin over with hsts.   Many commented the hsts were too busy, they did not like the HSTs.  Because my poll did not offer that option, I have been a bit more thorough this time.

Vote please on the following layout options.

layout29 patch corner stones49 patch49 patch centers

I would like my readers to design this quilt, please vote and comment with any ideas you may have!

More Layout Options, a link to vote

Currently I have a poll to vote on for layout options of the Star Upon Thars quilt blocks.  Have you voted yet?  Please vote on that post now, as I want to design a quilt, designed by the internet.  Old craft meets new technology!  I am enjoying the comments and interaction that this is bringing from social media.  Some very wise quilters have commented and in taking these comments to heart, got me thinking outside the block!

I have many ongoing projects right now.  So I simply can pull blocks from those quilts to audition the idea but not necessarily the fabrics.  I see another poll in this quilts near future as pulling from my completed blocks, have given great new ideas for this quilt top assemblage.

My current poll for this is either this layout with Hst’s in the sashing, or just plain sashing, or nothing at all.

So I changed things up a bit and added a 9 patch for the corner stones.  This separates the stars, and with that extra separation also allows for more calm, as those hsts are very busy.

9 patch close up

9 patch corner stones

The idea would be a chuckwagon sort of sashing like in this quilt block below, but adding the hsts.


And then I picked up all the blocks except for the HSTs and wow, this would make a neat minimalist quilt!  Lots of negative space to quilt to death!  (I see I need to vacuum!)

minimalist hsts

This got me to thinking about other blocks I have waiting for the right thing to come along.  I picked up some 49 patch blocks at an estate sale a couple of years ago, and thought the idea would be very charming with the stars.  I like the vintage look of these, but they are sewn by hand and very wonky.  I would have to add sashing to these blocks to go every other block like this.

49 patch

See what I mean about wonky?  But gosh I love this!  I love the darker star backgrounds with this layout!

And then I thought about a medallion quilt, or round robin quilt.  What about this layout?

49 patch centers49 patch in the middle

I really like this too!  But again to make this work, there would have to be sashing (and math) involved around the perimeter of the 49 patch blocks all sewn together like a postage stamp quilt.

And then there is the top I picked up at Treadle On Gathering Academy.  This is needing to be fixed and quilted.  Was not sure what to do with it as it has issues.  One being the fraying of fabric causing holes and two, there is double knit someone added to this, that will have to be ripped out if I am going to quilt it.  This could also be unsewn and resewn to be the middle.  The pattern of this is called signature blocks.  It has sashing too.  Not sure how this would look.

Rags, wonky blocks, stars upon thars, 9 patches, hsts…..the possibilities are unlimited.  I have other blocks that are Dresden’s, all matching done in the same fabrics.  I have enough of those to make a queen sized quilt and did not audition those as they are mostly burgundy.  You can tell those were probably sewn in the 90s.  My brainstorming continues, and I eagerly await the poll results!

Thanks for stopping in to read my blog!


Vote on Layout!

I am having a ball making these blocks, with all the odd color combinations, it will fit right into my eclectic mix I call home.  All put together these stars look like they are holding hands!

On Wed of this week I posted the two layouts I am dreaming about now for these quilt blocks.  I gave the public/readers the option to vote for which they liked the best.  Results will be revealed when the poll is over.  I will probably post about that next weekend.  Please vote on that post!  I care what you readers think.  Leave a comment on what you like, dislike, would like to see, or any other ideas that may come to mind.

These blocks measure 13 1/4 square.  Sashing or no?  Sashing using 1/2 square triangles, or not?  Or __________________?  Fill in this blank in the comments section.

What are your favorite blocks of all these stars?  I like the stripes.  Those fabrics give them a very  antique look.  The colorful points on the tips of the stars excites me too.  I am using up my scraps and making new ones!

I have one block that did not make the cut, LITERALLY!  I cut the darn thing wrong.  Instead of my 5 inch corners being in the corner, when I cut them, they ended up being the center squares on the perimeter.  Bummer, as this was my favorite fabric of all.  I am saving this and will try to incorporate it into the backing.  Notice this set the star 90 degrees differently than the rest.

not making the cut

I do not have enough fabric left to make this again.  I had about three yards of this two years ago, and after several mystery quilts and neutrals being consumed, this was the last of it.  All reduced to just scraps.

And I did a bit of fabric shopping, trying to restore my neutrals a bit and my jelly rolls.

added to the stash

I can’t wait for next sewing mystery to use this layer cake of neutrals.  Who knows, I may look through this and see if there is any vintage feel fabrics to incorporate into the stars upon thars quilt blocks.  Yes, this quilt has a name and it is only in the block state!

Next weekend is the Plano, TX quilt show.  Excited about that.  Excited about being able to shop actually.  Living in the sticks with all the eye candy online, it makes one Jones for pretty fabrics and those pretty fabrics can burn a whole in ones pocket with a fierceness!!!

Don’t forget to vote!  And I appreciate all of my viewers and readers!  Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!