Vote on Layout!

I am having a ball making these blocks, with all the odd color combinations, it will fit right into my eclectic mix I call home.  All put together these stars look like they are holding hands!

On Wed of this week I posted the two layouts I am dreaming about now for these quilt blocks.  I gave the public/readers the option to vote for which they liked the best.  Results will be revealed when the poll is over.  I will probably post about that next weekend.  Please vote on that post!  I care what you readers think.  Leave a comment on what you like, dislike, would like to see, or any other ideas that may come to mind.

These blocks measure 13 1/4 square.  Sashing or no?  Sashing using 1/2 square triangles, or not?  Or __________________?  Fill in this blank in the comments section.

What are your favorite blocks of all these stars?  I like the stripes.  Those fabrics give them a very  antique look.  The colorful points on the tips of the stars excites me too.  I am using up my scraps and making new ones!

I have one block that did not make the cut, LITERALLY!  I cut the darn thing wrong.  Instead of my 5 inch corners being in the corner, when I cut them, they ended up being the center squares on the perimeter.  Bummer, as this was my favorite fabric of all.  I am saving this and will try to incorporate it into the backing.  Notice this set the star 90 degrees differently than the rest.

not making the cut

I do not have enough fabric left to make this again.  I had about three yards of this two years ago, and after several mystery quilts and neutrals being consumed, this was the last of it.  All reduced to just scraps.

And I did a bit of fabric shopping, trying to restore my neutrals a bit and my jelly rolls.

added to the stash

I can’t wait for next sewing mystery to use this layer cake of neutrals.  Who knows, I may look through this and see if there is any vintage feel fabrics to incorporate into the stars upon thars quilt blocks.  Yes, this quilt has a name and it is only in the block state!

Next weekend is the Plano, TX quilt show.  Excited about that.  Excited about being able to shop actually.  Living in the sticks with all the eye candy online, it makes one Jones for pretty fabrics and those pretty fabrics can burn a whole in ones pocket with a fierceness!!!

Don’t forget to vote!  And I appreciate all of my viewers and readers!  Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

One thought on “Vote on Layout!

  1. Can you put that “Mistake” block in the very center? I think it would point out to all the others and it would look good, but I would have to try it there to be sure. Or the back is good too.
    My favorite background material is the faded green and cream that looks like old needlework magazine pages, and I also love the blue stripe. Now off to go vote.

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