Fabric dollars and cents

Amassing the stash, ahhhhhh.  Doesn’t it feel good to purchase fabric?  Like most quilters, we do like to buy the pretty stuff and it sits patiently waiting to be used in that perfect project.

A few years back, a friend of my Mother’s had an estate sale.  I just love estate sales!  The idea of buying something utilitarian that I do not already have at a non-new price is very appealing to me.  Mother’s friend was a nice supply of craftyness from sewing machines, embroidery machines, fabric, and fabric rack systems.  I went and ended up with a chair and some bits of fabric.

In particular besides the quilters cotton that I purchased there was this brown textured naugahyde like embossed brown fabric, that I absolutely had to have.  My intention was to make a wallet.

The brown embossed fabric went into the piles of sash.  Later that year, my aunt visited and gave me the Cadillac of all wallets.  She gave me a Necessary Clutch Wallet!  I had always wanted to make one, but after pricing all the stuff to make that happen, I could buy a designer wallet for the price of making one.  Glad I held out, it was a wonderful gift, and I have officially retired it to my sewing stuff as it is sewing themed.  It will hold my rotary cutter, my thread, tatting shuttles, and whatever my little heart desires.  I used it to the point of meeting it’s longevity.  I want to keep it as long as possible, so sadly, it no longer carries my bank (money, change, checkbook, credit cards, and identification).  It only carries fun stuff.

For about year now, I have been wallet-less.  That is no fun!  Nothing is all together, and if you put it all together, it is too much for a zippered coin pouch.  I finally decided enough is enough, and I made another wallet.  I made one, oh about 12 years ago and carried it until the edges were thread bare.  It is now a toy in the children’s toy box.  I really liked that wallet

I kept shopping for wallets, and none had ease of access for some stuff that I wanted to carry.  I could not find a perfect wallet.  So I went and made one, just like the one I made 12 years ago, perfect for me, but this time in different fabrics.

To keep a neutral wallet like appearance, I thought of that embossed naugahyde fabric, and got a little excited as it kind of looks like suede leather.

After an evening, the wallet is done and I am pleased as punch how it turned out.  I probably need to add a button detail.  On my original wallet the button ended up falling off sometime in that decade of use.  Also the velcro quit working, so I opted to skip velcro installation as I knew I would not need it.  I will be digging into the button tins over the weekend to see if I can add just the right touch of class to my wallet.

After just one evening of sewing, I thought I need to make a second and make a tutorial out of it.  I sewed the whole thing with my featherweight, and am so impressed by its brawn of stitching through all of the layers.

Tutorial coming!


The inside of the wallet.  I used up some more of my zippers fabric.  A place for my credit cards and ID.  My homemade alphabitties really came in handy for this pattern.  Start saving your bread ties.


A place for bills.


A secure place for change.


…and the checkbook.


In need of a button?

Yesterday I was able to travel to the Plano Quilt Show.  I did some damage to my wallet at the Nolting booth.  I splurged on a ruler base, a spoon foot (gonna have a tutorial soon on couching with yarn), and a new pantograph!  I was very well behaved the rest of the show.  I deemed not to purchase fabric!  And I did not.  The lines were long, not worth my time.

JoAnn’s was having a sale yesterday, fat quarters for 76 cents!  Got a few new neutral fat quarters, as well as some yardage which was also on sale.


This nice patina shiplap siding fabric is going to be a purse one day.  I have no fuseable batting, or bosal foam.  So this will go into the stash and wait just like the wallet fabric did.


My current purse I am carrying, utilized one charm pack, and has ragged edges.  It has become small.  I never understood those who carried large purses.  Now that I am older, I have come to that understanding.

I will need to make a purse, but first replenish supplies of bosal foam or fusible batting for stiffening power.  Capping the bottom of this shiplap off with the brown naugahyde embossed is very appealing to me, a very nice purse style.  Time sometimes helps the mind sort through all the details.  We shall see when that time arrives.

More Stars Upon Thars voting is happening, have you checked out that post?  Please vote!  I would love to hear your comments.

Today is a day of recuperation and relaxation.  Ending on a supper to fill our bellies and hopefully some home made ice cream.

Stay cool in the throws of summer!  Til next time!  And thank you for reading my blog!

4 thoughts on “Fabric dollars and cents

  1. My stash keeps growing, and my daughter is accusing me of being a hoarder. She just doesn’t understand that I am gathering supplies for future usage. I may try to make a wallet for myself as the ones I keep purchasing just don’t hold everything I want them to hold.

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  2. That is a great wallet! I am dedicated to using my stash, mainly because it came from my mom and my MIL, and I don’t like some of it very much, but don’t want to waste it, so that’s why I do scrappy quilts. Even the ugly fabric looks pretty good in those!

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