Tatting Jewelry

Pinterest is poison to my pocket book.  Not only can you see eye candy for the quilter’s realm, but all sorts of other crafts.  I learned to tat a bit over a year ago and every now and then it is sooooo relaxing to just sit and tat (especially when it is 100 plus degrees outside).  I can sit and tat and not break a sweat.  I cannot say that for quilting this time of year.

I decided I wanted to tat a ring for my index finger.  I only wear one ring, it is 10k gold and was purchased for me by my aunt and uncle.  The money left over from my grandparents estate bought the ring.  It has a large amethyst (already knocked out the original and had it replaced for $10) surrounded by a blue sapphire and another smaller amethyst.  These are the birthstones of my grandparents and me.  I treasure this ring, and have worn it every day (minus the days getting the stone replaced) for the last 18 years.  The gold is starting to wear very thin.  All the work I do with my hands is slowly eroding it away.  That is life.

In deciding to make a ring from tatting, I played with an idea I saw on pinterest.  I tried it, and I failed.  I made it way to big and my chains made it not fit snuggly.

tatting ringa

Because this was made with number 10 thread, the measurement from chain to chain was too much for my finger, and both ends flared out like a skirt.  Too big.

tatting ringb

I will retry this again, but using the pattern I came up with at a later time.  I did have success with this.

tatting ring

If I would have made all my closed rings the same size I would have run into, the too big problem again, so one of the closed rings is smaller, and cleverly turned to the palm of my hand.

4 p 3 p 3 p 4 close ring

reverse work, chain 4 double stitches

reverse work

next ring would join the previous ring on the last picot.

4 (join) 3 p 3 p 4 close ring


the closed rings will be determined by your finger size.

The last ring will join the first and last picot.

4 (join) 3 p (join) 4 close ring

reverse work

and stitch 4 double stitches.

tie off your ends and stitch them into the previous work to hide the ends.  Snip ends and add a little fray chek or elmers glue.

Tatting got me to thinking, I could tat my threads around my gold ring to help preserve the gold band and keep it from wearing.  Wear the threads away and replace.

The only thing to get used to is not getting the ring wet.  Never wearing a cloth ring before I never thought about this, and will have to remember to remove it before I wash my hands.

Onto quilty stuff, the longarm is loaded and working a quilt for mom.  This pattern is called the chandelier pattern.  Her colors are beautiful!  And I am having fun quilting it.  Trying something new in all that negative space.  Not shown are the feather borders.

on the longarm

I am not halfway yet on this quilt, so perhaps I will get an upload to my youtube channel showing this technique with a camera tutorial.

Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog!


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