81 Patch

This week was a whirlwind.  Refreshing to be so busy, but realizing there is not enough time in the day!

Work has been two timing me, can you believe that?  They expect twice the output, but still only give me one salary and no overtime or extra time to get it done!  I think I touched over 200 items in the last two weeks, building from start to finish.  Each day slinking closer to the due date, each day in disbelief that I will accomplish what is needed.  Each day taking lots of vitamin B to keep me a little less comatose, putting an extra bounce in each step.

The week has finally come to a close.  My energy depleted and so ready for my batteries to become more than just half charged.  Thank you weekend, I can really count on you.  You are there for me every week, always ready, here it comes!

My goals from last weekend’s post, I did not get to them in their entirety.  I am ok with that, as I am very close.

Goals from last week:

  • Stay cool (not perfectly executed, but good enough)
  • Take video of the Chandelier Quilt being quilted free motion style. (done)
  • Finish quilting the chandelier quilt (very close)
  • Start sewing a border for the Kaffe Fasset periwinkles quilt (done)

Here is the video:

Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  This is Quilted To Death…..some quilt more than this, but for me, this is the biggest quilting job I have done on my longarm.  I estimate I will have more than 6 but less than 8 hours.


This border is all I lack.  It will be feathers and am sooooo ready to try out my new ruler base and ruler!

You probably do not know this, but I walk to quilt.  Meaning, my machine is offsite, and walking is good for me.  When I walk, I see this odd tree root everyday.  This old tree’s root grew until it hit the sidewalk and then curved back into itself.  A freaky thing in nature, but oddities are what make life interesting, eh?

tree roots

The Kaffe Fasset Periwinkles, improv style!

periwinkles 2

And because I have no projects on my table now, I moved back to brainstorming about the Stars upon Thars quilt blocks with the 64 patch blocks.  I squared up those blocks, and they ended up being about two inches shy of star block size.  I got out some fabrics, and auditioned them to be used as a border sash around those blocks I squared up.  It looked horrible.  Then I thought perhaps I can shadow around two sides like an illusion quilt block.  Nope, the offset of the block just distracted the eye.  Then I thought I could make a scrappy border…then it hit me, just sew more squares on two sides of this block.  And that worked, and I will still have to trim these about an 1/8 of an inch.

I pulled some old fabrics from my stash that were already cut into squares, 6 and 4 inches.  I then cut them down to two inches.  The fabrics blend nicely.  This is way better than what my original idea.

81 patches

A stack of three done here, un-ironed.  These were kinda neat and has got me to thinking about possibilities with more of these in a different quilt with negative space in between.  Shoot, dreaming of something before I have this something done!  Whoa, pull in the reins, or else another UFO sighting!  LOL!

My goals for the upcoming week:

  • Stay Cool
  • Finish quilting Chandelier quilt
  • Finish the 81 patches
  • Start assemblage of the star and 81 patches
  • Play with my ruler base and ruler

Well, let’s see what life throws at me in the coming week.  I certainly hope it is more mundane than it has been.  Looking forward to Labor day and the three day weekend.  Can you believe that is only one week away?  Feeling better already……*sigh*

I’m off to relax and enjoy a different pace, have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog!




3 thoughts on “81 Patch

  1. Since I work 6 days a week, and for a company that also expects more with less, I think I understand your frustration and exhaustion! I especially look forward to time off whenever I can get it!

    Your quilting looks beautiful! It will be fun to see what you do with your new ruler! 🙂

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  2. The chandelier quilt is just beautiful. You are really doing well with your quilting, hard to believe you got the long arm less than a year ago! So glad you have the weekends to recharge and be creative. I have been counting my blessings this week, thankful that I don’t have the August I used to live when working in 4-H. It was a month of 12-14 hour days, no weekends, hundreds of miles driven, not being home and hot weather. Now that I’m done with them, I wonder how I did that for 27 years!

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