Embroidery Playtime!

I have a very nice embroidery machine and hardly ever use it.  Those that do not have one and want one question why I do not incorporate embroidery into quilts, much less use it for embroidery.

This machine was a hand-me-down.  My Mother told me long ago I would inherit it upon her passing.  Between now and the time she said that, she has since upgraded and they would not give her much for her machine.  Her machine came with a 50 year warranty and is a very well made machine.

It seems like yesterday when she first got it and that was more than 20 years ago.  I have owned it about 4 years or more.  It was my go to machine for free motion quilting.  Now that I use my longarm, it’s job is strictly for the walking foot or heavy duty work like altering jeans.

A while ago while on pinterest I came across a lady on facebook who makes wonderful Singer Featherweight embroidered accessories for those machines.  Beautiful Work!  And it got me to thinking.  I have the 20 year old scanner for the PCI flash from 20 years ago that load into the machine, why could I not print off the singer decal pictures online and it digitize the logo?  I have everything to make this happen, except time.

Today I took the time to bring my idea full circle.  I see a featherweight accessory personalized in my sewing future.  Will it happen quickly?  No.  My guess estimate, it will happen within the year.

This week I will be working overtime, so I suspect all my sewing dreams will have to play out with eyelids closed.  I have worked hard this weekend to get everything ready for a grueling work week.  I have made supper easier for the week.  I am going to take it easy in the hobby dept, as I probably will want to sew, but will be too tired.  I will be very happy if it happens, but will also be glad to kick my feet up and get a bit of rest for my tired feet.

Here is what I stitched out.  Nothing fancy, and I purposely ran a bunch of stuff through the scanner to see how well the edge decal as well as the floral motif and logo would stitch out.  I look forward to this.  A project has made the list.

I used some rayon thread and because I stitched this out in their software it had much thread trimming which then fuzzed after cutting (my small trimming scissors is probably a tad dull).

Mom, what do you think?  Purty good for an old outdate piece of equipment, if I do say so myself.




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