NS-aJR Day!

NS-aJR Day stands for National Sew a Jelly Roll Day, and guess what?   That is today Sept. 21st, 2019.  Are you celebrating?  This year I am going a bit more difficult than previous years and jelly roll race quilts.  I find those are quick, and beautiful!

My favorite is the scrappy one made from random scraps.  The prettiest one is the one just above.  Those fabrics are stunning.

You could go more difficult and trim your strips to 5 inches and make a Brick Street quilt.


And for more complexity you can make a humming bird/periwinkle quilt like this.  For the tutorial click here.

You could have fun quilting your jelly roll quilts!

You can practice ruler work!

You can make 81 patches or nine patches!

It is time to have some sewing fun and use up those precuts!

I will either be at a quilt show, or quilting this, periwinkles 2     or sewing some wedding ring old fashioned quilt blocks.

This block is jelly roll friendly.  For the wedding ring tutorial, click this link.  I have made some pink ones and now I will be moving on to green ones.  These are sew much fun!

the finish

Celebrate your day!  Look at fabric, feel fabric, sew fabric, and make some masterpieces!  You will be glad you did.  Enjoy your party!


Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


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