7 Down


Goals from the previous week:

  • Sew 10 or more blue blocks,  7 done a few more to go

blue wedding ring

  • Video quilting of the periwinkles, did not happen.  Camera lanyard has been jerry-rigged!


Progress this week, with a family member deciding to run fever in the evenings when I am home after work, made my productivity stink!  But it was worth the hugs and kisses with lap time to boot.  Teething at her age should not bother her so, but it does.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish turquoise blocks
  • Advance to the next color block.  I have chosen purple/lavender hues.  Just a sprinkling.
  • Finish quilting the periwinkles.  This has been loaded on the longarm for a month now.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk,
  • Start quilting Stars and Thars

on my couch

A matter of factly, no fluff post.  Sorry for this technical difficulty, words just don’t want to happen right now.  A speechless blog post, food for thought.  Thanks for stopping by!





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