Rings and Worms

10 pink wedding ring blocks


10 green wedding ring blocks


7 brown wedding ring blocks

10 turquoise wedding ring blocks

blue wedding ring

and…….the new color is (drum roll please), PURPLE.


Purple, when I was young, was my favorite color.  Now that I am grown up, purple is not my thing!  I assume since I was a naieve girl this was some sort of brainwashing as very little in my accumulations through the years involves the color purple.  I did make a mystery quilt which had purple, I purchased very little and had very little left over.  It is not a color I gravitate too.  So I ended up going to the quilt shop and purchasing some neutrals and some purples.  I also raided my Mom’s stash.  Thanks for the Batiks Mom!

I have broken into charm packs big time in the making of this quilt.  I have stolen several pieces from several different packs.  For those of you holding onto those with intent of sewing and never sewing anything out of them, I hear ya.  I used to be like that.  There are a few packs I refuse to do this too.  But, I have learned that scrappyness has a price LOL.  My sale priced charm packs of yesteryear were only a few dollars, but the scrappy quilt effect is priceless.  So my 5 inch square stash suffers a bit.

I am not certain how many purple blocks I will make.  I have pressed and cut all my fabrics and they are finally back in their proper storage.  I can take down the clothes drying rack that I use to starch, iron, and store for cutting my quilts in process.

So imagine these blocks as a quilt.

This project has went rather smoothly and quickly.  I am using what I have learned with following Bonnie Hunter.  Yesterday at the begining of the day I only had three turquoise blocks.  Today I have 10.  Seven blocks happened in 24 hours.  Forty one pieces in each block.  What I love about this scrappy methodology, you can add new fabric at anytime during the making.  A new neutral, no problem, a new color pink, not a problem.

For me scrappy takes the mundane out of piecing as well.  Two color quilts are gorgeous, but I would find that extremely boring to sew.  I will probably never go down that road.  Never is a long time so we shall see.

Onto the worm part of my post.  I have cats, they are for the most part outdoors.  There are two cats that are allowed in when they have babies.  Those cats are very well tempured cats.

Currently no cats are allowed inside.  They have Ringworm.  Ringworm is not really a worm.  It is bacteria/fungus that grows on the hair shaft, growing and causing inflamation on the skin.  Inflamation causes itch, itch causes hair loss.  So I have a pretty big problem.  In time, it will present itself what I should do, to help the cats overcome this.  Summer is almost over, but it was back in the mid 90s this weekend, so I am hopeful once it cools off, that their problem may improve.

If it were up to me, all but two would go to the pound.  But the childrens hearts are fully vested in those critters, and tears flow if the thought of them not being around anymore.  The old rock and hard place scenario.  For their safety, it may be the pound.  Time will tell me what I need to do, it whispers.  Sometimes I listen, and sometimes I choose not to listen.

This weekend is almost over, another blur of two days.  Laundry is almost caught up.  Supper is cooked and in the bellies, a couple of baths tonight, and then ahhhhhhhh.  Feet up and perahps a bit of TV, TV has become a bit of luxury.  There is really nothing on anymore, but when you find something to watch, it is a true treasure.  Enjoy your time, it spends quick!  And thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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