And on the clothes line…..

Well, we went from running the ac full blast to turning on the heater in just a day!  In Texas we have Summmmmmmer, and HOTum, then a very brief winter, followed by a even briefer spring.  HOTum lasted a good while and will probably be back before October is over.

And my dryer went out again!  My dryer is now two years old, and both times the same part has decided to burn through like a fuse.  The heating element.  First time we had the warranty guy come fix it, no charge, this time instead of waiting for more than a week, we just ordered the part and will install it ourselves.  And yes it is still under warranty.  After looking how the element is made, the reason it has broken in the same spot twice, it was poorly engineered.  And yes, I know how to debunk poor engineering, as this is what I do for a living.  You see, the element consists of coils that run in parallel with one another.  Because the engineer decided on a horizontal mount, that last two coils get all the heat from the bottom coils.  And then it finally bursts the coil.  It is called coefficient thermal expansion.  The part does not cost alot.  And it looks like this:

71GtByxQJ3L._SL1500_ (1)

When you feel the coils located at the bottom of the circuit, they are smooth, and then as your eyes travel to the top of the element, you can tell the sheet metal got hot as there is heat discoloration and the coils themselves feel grimey on the surface.  Too much heat.  Damned engineers.  So when this devices gets to hot it burns through like a light bulb element.  Same concept, as the metal degrades, it burns up.

So, laundry has been hanging on the line.  I marvel at how quickly a load can dry.  Within a matter of three loads of washing, I am taking towels back inside.  Mother natures dryer is great, unless it rains!

So this morning a photo op happened at the clothes line.  I pinned up my rows of wedding rings.  It looks like this will be a quilt top before the end of the day.  A speckling of turquoise, pink, brown, green, and purple blocks placed randomly, this is where I over think the layout of things.  Takes me a while as this is the true commitment of quilt.  The marriage of color in just he right spots.

Good thing I was to this point in the making, as my wooden clothes dryer which is used much for quilting projects that are starched and cut strips, had to get used for drying clothes the day it did rain.

Earlier this week, I made Poor Man’s Stew, and a reinvented version of cornbread.


Yes this is actually cornbread!  Looks like a waffle, tastes like cornbread.  Please visit my other blog, the for those recipes.

My goals for last week, NOT MET.  I tried I really did.  Took two videos by myself, one of which I used a ribbon as a lanyard with the camera around my neck.  Because of boobage/the ole mamories, the footage taken was of the ceiling and you could see strands of my hair in fly away mode.  So I then tried just placing on the belly bar.  But this was not ariel enough, so you got to hear it and see movement, but nothing really educational about quilting.  And I worked a couple of evening of atleast 2 hours each, and am still not done with that!  Ruler work is slow, but the good news is, I am getting faster with the motion of it.  Practice will get me more fluid in my movements and help me speed it along.  Gosh I hope to be done with that quilt.  It has been 5 weeks on the longarm.  Before it was too hot, and now it has cooled off so much that it might be right on the cusp of being too cold.  Fair weather days will need to be utilized for quilting as I have so many tops and one more almost complete.feedsacks

This week I stopped into the thrift store.  And it was a big score!  I got these authentic vintage feed sacks!!!! And was only charged 75 cents!  Slowly I am coming across this fabric and have a few pieces that will one day be a quilt.  I have eiffel towers, and pink background with large blue flowers (this was my Grandma’s).  I also have large dk blue flowers on white with green leaves.  That print is not very attractive and is common while shopping at quilty vendors at shows.  But these two pieces are gorgeous!  And if you do a tad of math are probably about 75 years old!  It cost me a penny a year for the price of two LOL!

In the past week, with the changes in the local Treadle On Gathering Academy moving to Texarkana, I have decided to donate my TOGA quilt made from the blocks swapped in 2018.  It will be placed on the table for the silent auction to raise funds for the new venue to secure the monies needed to keep this going.  I have so many quilts, and I may just have to buy it back and keep it, but have offered this up.  So you TOGA members, bring your money, I have a dollar figure in mind and am hoping to bring this back home with me.  I challenge you to out bid me.  🙂


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish quilting the Kaffe Fasset Quilt
  • periwinkles 2
  • Finish the wedding ring block assembly
  • on the clothes line
  • Fix the dryer
  • Dry clothes on the clothes line too!

That first goal is the make it or break it.  I hope to be done with that one this week!

Well, that is a wrap!  Thanks for reading my blog!


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