wedding ring topwedding ring top1

I still lack two rows of sewing which I finished at 11 PM.  So it is technically done, but knew darkness would prevent me from taking a picture so I snapped pics when the sun was low.

And boy howdy, I freed up some time today to get this little puppy quilted all the way!  I started out doodling, and my doodling progressed into uniformity with a pattern.  I was so pleased with what I came up with I did the remainder of the center grid in that pattern.  I love my little 4-in-1 ruler.  It is magic!


The back of the quilt is a marriage of lilac (a corner of it peeking through the photo below) and this fuscia!  Whoa, I love how the lilac thread pops, electrifying the back too.  Very pleased with my playtime.  The more I practice with rulers, the more I like the results.quiltedback

I did half of this quilt today, most of it not starting and stopping as I learned how to travel with this pattern, which sped things up considerable.  Ruler work is slow.  For those of you who are longarmers, do you leave your needle up or needle down to use your rulers.  I am finding that needle down is slowing me down.  No one has ever said if they do needle up or needle down.  I guess it is preference anyway.

Two done’s, TA-Dun’s!!!  I am tickled pink, and ready for my next quilting adventure.  Since the Quiltville Mystery will be starting in a month and a half, I may just work on quilting, or just on UFOs.  I will figure this out and get back to ya.  Thanks for stopping in and readig my blog!


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