….Ahhh CHOOO and Needle Too!

The flu.  It came for an early visit this year.  I felt a tickle in my throat for about a week.  Taking liquid vitamins kept it at bay.  Then the weekend came.  I neglected my normal vitamin ritual.  And by Saturday evening, I knew I was going to be coming down with the funk.  Saturday afternoon it was practicly non-existant.  Then BAM Sunday morning, full blown.

My week in review has not committed to hardly any sewing.  Got a few blocks done Saturday and will show those this weekend.

Saturday I got a call from Dad asking if I could come down and help Mom.  The tone of his voice was one for worry, so I asked what he needed.  He needed my help in removing a machine needle from Mom’s finger.  YIKES!  I knew this day would come but I seriously thought I would be the one to zig instead of zag.

It was all the way through sticking equally from the top of her fingernail, as well as equal in length protruding from the bottom of her index finger pad.  I was shocked that the needle did not break.  I am sooooo glad it did not.  Those of you that use the titanium needles, those will flex like the dickens, and will really eat up your fingers.  I am thankful mom was just using a plain ordinary sewing machine needle.

Setting in the plan of action.  Dad was in no condition to remove it.  He was rather nervous and worried.  So I asked if he had a pair of dikes.  We finally found a pair that was not beveled.  Then he found a large pair of pliers.  All in the junk drawer in the kitchen, all awaiting their next job.

I asked if there was peroxide.  No, none.  My parents offered up beta dine, which will work, but really wanted the peroxide for after the fact.  I sent Dad to the store to get some.  He had just openned the back door to depart, I looked at Mom’s finger.  The natural way to take out the needle is the same way it went in.  Never try to remove the needle from the eye/scarf end.  This end is smaller, tapered, and the right end to come out.  Doused moms finger with idodine.  So I grabbed her hand, steadily cut the eye/scarf off not exactly flush with the finger pad with a pair of dikes, and then took the larger end that usually screws into the machine, and pulled with the pliers.  There is far more meat on this end to grab.

Imagine stitching cloth with a needle and thread.  When the needle travels through the fabric there is friction you can feel, pushing or pulling you know the feel.  Pulling a needle out of meaty, human tissue/skin, there is more resistance, but it is smooth as there are no fibers.

The needle was so sharp that very little damage was left in it’s wake.  After I Pulled out the needle, I also had to pull out the thread as it did not break either.  All the while I had left the children to fend for themselves outside as I was unsure how they would respond to this “gory” situation.

I later showed my oldest daughter, because it was a photo and not real, I think she was more accepting of it.  Not sure how this would have been handled in real time.  Children are sensitive sometimes and you just never know.  Shoot, some adults are pretty skweemish at the thought let alone the sight!

The children and I came back home, and I sent my eldest back down with our peroxide, but Mom turned it down.  Dad had not yet made it back from the store.  But there was some coming on it’s way.

The things we do for a loved ones.  Ten years ago, I could have never handled a situation like this.  I have matured, I did not get upset, the adrenaline did not run.  I do not think it even ran for Mom, as she was also calm, cool, and collected.  I don’t think I can say the same for Dad or maybe it was something else with Dad.  I could not figure this out.  He used to be a paramedic, but certainly never worked on loved ones.

Ladies, for those of you who use an embroidery machine, if the fabric is not perfect, wrinkled, curled, or whatever……PLEASE pause the machine.  It is for your own safety.  Not only can you damange the best set of tools you own (your hands), but you can also damage your expensive machine.

So the needle surgery happened.  And so did the flu.  I am on the down hill slide.  My coughing is still rather violent at times, but I am better.  But the round will continue as all of the family is coming down with it.  I will have my hands full as things were neglected while I was sick, and now that everyone else is getting sick, I will certainly be multi tasking with chores and their wellness.

No sewing to show off that I accomplished on this post, but stay tuned for the weekend edition LOL.  But, I did read today the Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt Colors were announced.  Pleased as punch and this year it is called FROLIC.  I have to buy very little fabric, hooray!

Neutrals this time are going in this direction:


Dark blue has turned into this:


Light blues are just that!


Rasberry is going lighter and more pastel-ish and I have since pulled more pink:


Green is going this route:


Sky blue is going turquoise:


And my swatches:

paint chips

And now to share, something my Mom made for me, and I must say, I LOVE IT!  Perfectly Logo”ed.  Outstanding embroidery work, but she put her own spin on it and came up with this.  If I am not mistaken, this is an “In the hoop design” that she added to.  A zippered pouch!  And it is already put to use!!!  And it has left me speechless!  Thanks MOM!


Simple, elegant, and says the right thing for me to cherrish and use for years.  I must say I may have a commisioned one made with my machine name as well as the serial number.  🙂

The weekend is almost here, and while I recooperate fully, I intend to enjoy what life gives me, or throws at me.  You never know when your skills will be needed for something unconventional.

Stay tunned for the weekend edition and thanks for reading my blog!

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