I finished binding the Terrarium Jelly Roll Race quilt.  Terrarium is a fabric line by Elizabeth Hartman.  Lush greens, teals, turquoise, with a tad of gray and purple.  Love this color blend.  It now resides in a pillow case awaiting it’s future.  What does it’s future hold?  Unknown.  I like it enough to keep it.  Too small for me to use, perfectly suited for the children’s beds.  But right now I have quilts I have not used yet.  Perhaps this will display nicely at the QuiltHop.  Is there anything really spectacular about it?  No, not really.  It is just in the done pile, a simple completion.  Who knows, maybe someone will decide to have a baby, and this would be perfectly suited for a boy or a girl.



errarium binding


Have I been working on my string quilt?  No….tsk tsk tsk!  Shame on me.  My sewing mood was just not standing the strings right now.  Perhaps when I am off for the Thanksgiving break, I will string again.



I have switched my gears and moved to my layer cake stash.  I picked out a layer cake line called Farmhouse by Moda Fabrics.  Lovely blend of perfectly matched fabrics which paired nicely with muslin.  Disappearing pinwheel baskets are forming.  I have two blocks complete.  I have all the HSTs done.  I have about 10 HST pinwheel blocks sewn/pressed ready for the subcut to get to the basket making of the block.

farmhouse fabric

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 23.22.33

In reflection, after making some lovely scrap quilts through the past couple of years, I have realized that the stagnation of these fabric designs for a fabric line are indeed beautiful, but something has changed inside my brain.  Even though they are beautiful, they seem cookie cutter to me.  It is kind of like bying a house on the block that looks like all the other houses, with very little difference amongst the houses.  They may have a color difference, but their roof pitch, the porch, their footprint and floor plans are all the same.  You may have 5 black fabrics all the EXACT same color, with flowers on one, and checkerboard on another.  And yet one of the other colors in that fabric family line, has the same flowers, and same checkerboards, very cookie cutter.


I have never been much of a cookie cutter kind of person.  I prefer unique, eclectic, odd things in life.  That is just me.  This has always been me and how I gravitate.  In quilting, and experimenting with the craft, as much as I really like beautiful fabrics and fabric lines, it is kind of stale.  If you would have asked me about the fabric lines 5 years ago, I did not know at that time my inner being was on a mission to debunk what I deem as pretty.  Pretty now, is still pretty, but not to the same degree.

grayscale photo of zebra
Zebras all may look alike, but their stripes are like fingerprints.  No two are exactly the same.  Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com


I now have so much more respect for scrappy quilts.  There is so much variety in fabrics.  Ugly fabric cut small enough, is no longer ugly.  It can pair with white or off white, or even orange.

stars and thars 2

I am so glad during my quilting journey that I have saved my scraps.  They have taught me lessons.  Lessons on contrast.  Lessons in quilt budgets.  Scrap quilts are really free remnants that come together into something to be admired and utilized, gifted and cherrished.  Lessons much like a penny saved is a penny earned.  Waste not Want not….yup that is a good theory of scraps, you will never be in need of scraps if you have some.  They never seem to dwindle.  Your supply never runs out.

woman illustrating albert einstein formula
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

Imagine a world where you would never have to buy fabric again?!  Unlimited fabric!  That is what my scraps have taught me.  You save them, they sew into miles and miles of new patterns and blocks.  They never let you down, the bin stays full.  And you sew them, and you sew them, and you keep sewing them.  Scraps are pure sewing bliss!

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you have never made a scrap quilt, you are missing out.  There is a learning curve to scrap quilting.  If you pay attention close enough to the things on the internet, it will teach you a thing or two about them.  How to store scraps, how to plan with scraps, how to pair them, how to pattern and block with them, and how to make them work for you.  Amazing little snippets in a quilter’s life.  A bag of scraps to a quilter, carries all her past memories and her future dreams and good intentions.  My what a wonderful world!

A wonderful world full of much color!  Color is chicken soup for the quilters soul!


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