Magic 8 and the disappearing pinwheel basket block.

Many moons ago, I made the disappearing churn dash from the M*QC video tutorial.  I was in love with how easy it was.  At that time I had never made anything with triangles.  I always wanted to make those HSTs but deemed them too hard with out the right tools.

Many moons ago, I saw the video tutorial of the disappearing baskets put out there by M*QC and notated it on my bucket list of quilts.

The upside to these wonderful quilt blocks, easy, fast, and no special tools.  A beginner block for all skill levels.  The only down side, the dreaded bias edges on every block.

I am currently making the magic 8, which is two squares sewn right sides together all the way around their edge.  You then slice it diagonally twice.  Then you sew those together making the pinwheel block.  I chose a new step between these steps and making mine random scrappy with the fabric line I am using.  It works well.

Then I proceed to make the disappearing block using the video.  I do a small variation to mine which makes them look more old fashioned.  I truly love how this traditional looking block is so modernly easy.

See for yourself.

Here are my scrappy ones.  I have oodles of these made, just a few more to sew.  I will be adding a sashing to help the bias edges.  And will probably place mine on point.

I aim to be very close to done with this by the time black friday gets here and the Frolic Mystery starts.

In the Frolic mystery colors, I have changed my mind on one of my colors.  I am opting out of turquoise, and opting in for white.  I think my light blues are just too close in hue to my turquoise.  Or my turquoise is actually darker than my lt blue, and she made it clear they must contrast.  I think this is a wise decision.  We will see.

I am off to press more blocks this evening, and perhaps sew a few more blocks.  They are quick, and easy for a work week night.  Ahhhhh, just the thought of my machine humming makes me relax.

stars and thars 1

I have managed to quilt a few more hours on the Stars Upon Thars.  Time change is a bugger, it has really messed with my quilting time.  Perhaps this weekend I will be able to focus solely on that.  We shall see.

I will probably not post again until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Not much to share until then.

You will be hearing from me then, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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