#Frolic Mystery Clue 1

The last 5 days have been a blur.  I am always rushing about during a normal work week to get all the things done that need to be done.  When you have a full day off, things in that category go smoothly and less rushed.  My goodness the time has flown by so fast.  I must have been having a blast.  I am looking forward to Christmas break.

Wednesday was my first day off.  I got the house picked up and cleaned (only for it to need it again the next day, ha!).  Did a bit of quilting.  Thursday I cooked a thanksgiving lunch, and we are still eating leftovers.  I also finsihed quilting the stars upon thars quilt.

drape on the longarm

Please check out my last post to look at all the photos of the back.

Friday was the release of the Bonnie Hunter Frolic Mystery Quilt Clue 1, easy 4 patch units.  If you are interested in following along, you can click on her Frolic tab at quiltville.blogspot.com. She gives concise instructions and fabric colors and amounts.  Fabric colors are only suggestions.  I am not totally following her suggestion.  I am crossing my fingers that I am doing the right thing.  This will be my fourth mystery.  I change something up every time.  Everytime I am in awe of what I have made.

4 patches Frolic

I have sewn these on and off and finished those up today.  I smile at the fabric I am using.  I have cheerleaders, alphabets, flowers, butterflies, pigs, solids, stripes, and plaids.  My favorite fabric was the Quilt Across Texas fabric 2011 that I found at my local quilt shop.  It was a perfect match.  How suited for this Texas based bluebonnet Frolic mystery eh?

quilt across texas

After cleaning up from that, I set out to make binding for the Stars Upon Thars, which is now being hand stitched.

binding stars upon thars

I grabbed my scrap 2 1/2 inch wide scraps of recently used stuff in my stash, and have accomplished a very scrappy binding.  I have only stitched about a 12 inch span.  I will be working on this all week.  I aim to have a nice photo by next weekend.

I am off to do the last of the few chores of laundry, and then ahhhhhh, the couch is calling my keesters name!   Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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