Frolic Clue 2

Frolic, Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, clue 2 was announced yesterday.  It is an easy clue, and I aim to have it completed today.

I am well over halfway.  Here are my raspberries and neutrals.  I LOVE my loud neutrals.  I find loud neutrals make it seem even more scrappy.  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself on last years mystery.



Notice the loudness fades in the distance.  You can only appreciate it up close.  Most quilts are viewed across the room or standing atleast 6 ft back.  The second quilt is a disaapearing 9 patch with the corner fabrics in black.  I love to put black into my quilts.

You have to be very careful when substituting fabrics.  The key is contrast.  If I would have went with the dk blue as Bonnie suggested, it was too dark.  That is why I am going with pastel colors.  That should really make it pop!  Or not!  It is a mystery, eh?

You know, I certainly miss the traffic to my blog.  Usually this time of year everyone is gung ho and wants to sew sew sew and see the pretty pieces in the link up.  This year, I cannot link up.  I do not have instagram.  And deem it not worthy of just this mystery quilt and the traffic associated.  I am not sure of a way around this.  I was told not to send pics on mats, they will be deleted, and not uploaded to facebook or instagram.  But then I see one of her posts and pieces are on a mat.  Go figure!

I do have a finish, the stars upon thars is all bound up, ready for a photo op.  Hopefully today!

drape on the longarm

I have purchased the new missouri star hexagon tool for hand piecing.  I am very excited about all the ideas swarming in my head about this.  Hopefully I will get to play a little with it over the weekend.

I need to get my keester busy and get something on the longarm.  I have three quilts needing quilted.  I need to start sewing backings so I can make that happen.

It has been a week.  Glad it is behind me, only for another to present itself however it chooses.  That scares me a little as the recent things that seem to happen to those around me.  I hope to report back next week all is good.  Thanks for reading my blog and happy trails!


4 thoughts on “Frolic Clue 2

  1. I had not heard of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts until I read your post about Clue 1, so she has you to thank for one more reader (me). I don’t think I will make the quilt, but I do enjoy reading her technique tips, so thank you for “clueing” me in!

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  2. I’m enjoying Frolic. I used her color suggestions (Roughly), but I am going to substitute yellow for the aqua. I could never figure out how to do the link up, and I don’t have instagram, so I posted pictures on my Facebook and on my blog. I made sure not to mention sizes and quantities, and I’m taking photos with no cutting mats. It should be ok. I always enjoy watching your progress on the mystery quilts. Thank you for taking the time to post!


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