Wrap up and Expectations

This is the time of year that wraps up figuratively or literally!  Whether it is gift wrap or reflection of 2019, it is wrapping up.

Last year, in reflection, I was a brand new longarmer.  Now I have a skill set, and love every sweaty or freezing moment in the garage with my purple longarm.  I always worried I would quilt myself right out of quilts.  That has not been a problem.  I think there are 2 waiting.

The biggest success of the past year is my Stars Upon Thars, an improv quilt that started out with a completely different idea.  The quilt seeds took root and grew in a totally different direction.

twinkling stars

Another success was the mystery quilt called good fortune.  I went black for my neutrals and am still in awe that this one decision made such a huge contrasting impact.


My nemesis for the first few months was tension.  The tension dragon is tamed.  My biggest failure of the year, not working on my UFOs.  Tsk TskTsk.  I have about 5.  Two of these will be amazing when finished.  Will 2020 be the year?  YES!  I aim to finish what I started many moons ago.

So what will I be working towards in 2020?  Finishes of course!  My list…

Two of these are ready to quilt.  Two of these need to be made into a top as the blocks are sewn.  And the string quilt will progress because the scrap bucket always runneth over!  One of these is my ongoing hand stitching project.

And on another completely different level, There will be an exciting announcement sometime this year but can only say, the “Lords Supper Quilt” is coming to town.

In addition, I have started the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery called frolic.  These pieces will be in my next top somehow, lol.

A coworker has announced a baby is on the way.  These things come in threes.  I suspect I will be making 3 baby quilts.

This year, every week I would set goals and try to meet or exceed my goals.  There were only a couple of times goals were not met.  So, I am carrying this over to a yearly goal, the big picture.  Will I have all of these completed next year?  No, but if I get more half of them done, it will be a good year.

Quilting JetGirl is having a planning party.  Do you have a plan for the upcoming year?  If you don’t, it might benefit you to hop on over to her sight and read what others are planning.  There may be a trick, tip, or advice that you need.  Click here to see the linky party and what others have planned for 2020.

Time off is just around the corner, and I aim to due some damage to my stash.  Let the diminishing begin!  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!




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