Bloggers, do you read others blogs?  I read many wordpress blogs and enjoy every moment of them.  If there is hate, or stupidity, I simply unfollow them.  For the most part this group is a great group of crafters and the like.

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There are blogs that are not compatible with wordpress.  Those I can follow, but cannot comment or like.  Those blogs are few but I keep following them because they are a wonderful resource and read!  And then there are those I cannot do in wordpress.  Those I bookmark and read daily.

One blogger in particular has a huge following.  Huge mystery quilt alongs, huge.  She has virtually taught me much.  But, I have come to a point in my life realizing, her blog is all for show.

I always admired her for her writing style.  It was much like mine, and easy to follow.  Of late, her writing style is the same, but her morals are show a change.

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We have all been sequestered for a bit now.  It is inevitable to have to get out.  I work each day and then there is gas and groceries like life is normal with less traffic.

She had her scraps at one house, but was quarantined in another.  She really wanted the scraps, but said she would have to get gas, touch the pumps and inadvertently either pass the virus or get the virus. So she refrained.  People who follow her blog, commented to just go get them.  She firmly and said no, she did not want to risk touching the gas pumps because she needed gas too. But about a week later she took her new dog an hour away to get it fixed.  This negates what she said.  She said the spaying of the dog was necessary. In time probably but her choice she chose to write about, also is showing her true self.

more strings 2

She refused to visit with her son when he came to mow her lawn to practice the social distancing, but I’ll be damned she met up with him for easter.  She says one thing, does another!

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She has made masks.  Come up with her own, as I am not surprised, heaven forbid she do it like everyone else.  She wants everyone to do it her way.  People complained that the masks fog up their glasses and then cannot see.  She chastised them and told them how important it was to wear the masks for the safety of all citizens.  She told them to go by glass cleaner that prevents fog up.

That kind of anti-fog stuff is not in my house.  So she just encouraged people to go consume something they did not have.  A tad on the negative side.  I have seen these things come to a head before but it never bothered me like it is now.

I look back to this years mystery quilt and all those extra pieces we were told to cut and sew only for them to be unused in the quilt.  I have a whole gallon bag of unused fabric cuts that was a huge waste of my stash and an even bigger waste of time.  That peeved me back then, but this idea of her being a model citizen when she is NOT really shows me who she is.  She really likes attention.

On a few occasions I have emailed her to thank her for the free stuff she puts out there.  Her emails were cold, and unfriendly.  Again I dismissed this behavior.  It amazes me she pretends to bond with all these quilters as she writes about in her blog, but her emails spoke volumes of her true nature.  It is obvious she does not like people.

thank you text
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I am thankful I have never bought any of her merchandise.  Although she did push tools.  The tools I have I like, but there are other tools she ooos and ahhhs over, and that is for a couple of weeks, and then she quits using them.

She always wants us to feel sorry for her and her busy schedule, meeting her magazine demands, mystery quilt plans , and book shipments, claiming she is doing her best.  But now that I know what I know, she is just making her schedule for what she wants to do, and if she gets busy and overbooked, it’s a pitty party and she is the only one invited.

I have drawn a line in the sand, a line of demarcation.  I no longer follow this person.  She is unsubscribed in my youtube feed as well as in the CT Publishing connection she has.  Not following them now.  I refuse to read her blog anymore as she is as fake as fake can be.  Now this has all happened within the year, is it possible she is sick?  I just wonder if there is an underlying reason for all the weird behavior.  She keeps it up, her mass of followers will get tired of her text lashings.

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I must say I am being a bit tacky by ranting about this, but it is under my craw.  My level of maturity is normally kind.  I guess what I am saying, what you put out there is what you get back.  Am I the instigator?  Is it me?  Obviously it is 50% of the “relationship”.  But too many tally marks in this past year have moved my two thumbs up to 2 thumbs down.  I cannot continue the blog reading relationship I looked forward to everyday, I am done.  Life goes on……

three gold tacks
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And that was my 2 cents worth.  Lived and learned, my next chapter awaits….

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


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