My Week In Review

In the crafty corner of life, not much has happened.  I did get caught up on the Sew Quester mystery quilt along.  The blocks are all sewn, I just need to press them.  I can’t wait for step 5 and 6!  🙂

needs ironed

With life and it’s hairy-ness I decided to do something different for a change.  It has been a good while since I got out the tatting shuttles to tat a bit.  Boy have I gotten rusty.  I chose a pattern which I thought was manageable at my skill level.  It was harder than I anticipated, but worth the growth!  I started this yesterday before work, and realized I forgot to make a couple of joins.  So, I just cut that off, said a few dang its, and started over.  This heart took me all day.  It was nice to keep my hands and mind busy.

tatted heart

I also figured out when doing a pattern of this nature to print out the pattern and proceed to mark it off as I go, otherwise I will get lost on which ring I am making, or the count on my chain.  For smaller pieces that is not big deal.  As I get more rehearsed, perhaps the need to make tick marks on my pattern will become obsolete.

This heart is for the world, a world full of worry, of illness, of stillness.  My heart goes out to those in the extremes throughout the world.  Some will have a horrific future of adjustment, hunger, loss.  All of us will grow from this and become wiser, with a bit more character.   Human’s unite!  The hidden message in all of this, the year 2020.  It is giving us the vision to see how we have never seen before.

This heart was originally given away on Georgia Seitz’s website.  Thank goodness Frivole transcribed this into a tatting diagram to help me make my joins.  Click here if you are interested in this free pattern.

I had previously written about tatting and how therapeutic it is to work and keep your hands busy.  Tatting is the art of making knots.  I find I like to tat when life is stressful.  You work the knots out of life by working them into your work, does this make sense?

Since my schedule is not leaving much time for sewing or quilting, I thought tatting would bring a little joy to those spare bits of change called time.  Time well spent.  I am currently printing off my next pattern to keep the hands and mind busy.

And thanks for reading my blog!

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