#SewQuester Halfway!

My one day off last week, I managed to get the triangles cut and half of the twin sized #SewQuester quilt, pieced.  I chose brown as the outer fabric to set it on point as directed (this still will have more borders to go).  Pictured below in an excited photo opp in its un-ironed state.

sewquester half

sewquester close up

Bringing this out into daylight I see a flaw with my decision, it is what it is.  All of the fabrics in the jelly roll were hues of blue or off white with a tad of brownish gray.  All browns are not created equal.  The brown I chose has much red and pink in it, and very little of the turquoise.  Probably not the best choice, but I am sticking to what I have in my stash for this.  I will continue forth and plan on sewing tomorrow to get this pieced.  Not sure if I have the right fabric for additional borders.  That will be an archeology dig in the stash, and not sure I will have time for that for my Thursday/Friday weekend.

I tatted a bit more and have stalled with that, everything is in a state of flux so to speak.  If I pick something up, I have so many interruptions of chores, children, cooking, etcetera, that I have just decided to keep my sewing and tatting to the days were I can do it without so much interruption.  Part of this is me and the anxiousness of time and needing to have everything come together before I go to work everyday.  When getting up early in the morning, the only time I have ever felt like this is if I run late due to flat tire or alarm not going off.  It is a very cortisol/stress feeling and probably taking years off my life.  A hobby I love should not take years off my life.


You know I probably need to be getting back to the 365 quilt.  I have months worth of blocks in my inbox just waiting to be sewn.  I have seen the centers coming together for those who are keeping up, simply stunning.  I hope mine is half as beautiful of those I have seen.  Kick start/butt in gear!

close up of gear shift over black background
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I suspect the quilt shops in Texas will be re-openning next week.  I am certain myself as well as many others will flock like ducks to water, to get what is needed for all the sewing/finishes going on.  If quilts shows do not commence for the remainder of the year, there are going to be massive shows next year and the next several years that follow because of the extra time afforded for those non-essentials who hobby with this craft.  I do look forward to gazing upon some quilts.  For now, pinterest it is!

I noticed in the last three days that traffic has become more normal.  The quiet nights are now gone as the highway roar is back.  The economy is starting up again.  The economy is the essential right now.  Those that are receiving handouts, will be at a loss when those handouts stop.  As we all know, there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.  Someone is paying for it.  Right now, me being essential, I am paying for it with each paycheck earned.  Things will become lean.  I hope those of you struggling will manage to make your ends meet.  It will be hard, but you will be a better person because of it.  Consider this all a lesson on personal growth, dealing with difficult situations will change your brain forever and make you wiser than you were before.  That wisdom I found about 20 years ago has served me well during this time.  A good mantra to have now is,  hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog!






3 thoughts on “#SewQuester Halfway!

  1. Your Sewquester is coming along. I do love blue/teal and brown together. And your 365 blocks are beautiful. The fabrics are stunning. Can you imagine what it will be like to actually go to a quilt shop? Good luck with the reopening. We are still in lockdown here in my part of Canada


  2. Glad to see these lovely quilts in progress, they will both be beautiful. I think the brown will be fine, especially if you choose your border fabrics with it being considered. Very wise words about our futures. I am just sick about the farmers having to slaughter animals and dump milk because the processing plants are closed. This is going to bite us all very badly in a month or two. We are like you, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.


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